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About Google's graduate recruitment program

Lynn Elesy

Careers Commentator
We recently caught up with Shannon Goodchap, a manager in Google’s people operations team, for an insight into their graduate recruiting process.

Google application tips for graduates

What’s the best way to get into your graduate recruitment program?

By taking part in our student internship program. We have different levels of internships open to uni students; our three-month-long program gives interns a year the chance to work on a project.

What type of grads are you looking for?

People who are interested in building the next great product. We hire generalists who can demonstrate skills across a number of areas, such as problem solving, and can also offer a fresh set of ideas. We build products for people around the world and are looking for people from diverse backgrounds to reflect the diversity of our users.

How can I stand out?

We want people with passion. Show us where you have applied your passion, skill or initiative toward building something. It could be anything – so, if it is music, tell us how you started a band. We need to know that you will thrive in a collaborative work environment and want to see examples of teamwork and how you can work in a fast paced environment.

What are some key attributes of successful candidates?

We are looking for people who can fit into the Google environment. They need to demonstrate that they can:

  • adapt quickly
  • show true leadership – which means knowing when to step up and when to take a back seat
  • take initiative.

Is Google making any special efforts to attract and retain women?

We want our workforce to reflect the diversity of our users, which includes women. Our focus to adjusting the balance is to create a better pipeline for diversity, for now and the future – not only at Google but also across the whole industry.