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Choosing the Right Company for You

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Are you in search for an employer that best suit you but unsure where to start? Hear from our previous graduate on four factors to consider before you sign the employment contract!

Wellbeing & Inclusion

When choosing a company, you should check if they are passionate about looking after their people. With everything going on around us, looking after your wellbeing is more imperative than ever. 

Before you commit, don’t be afraid to ask about the policies and initiatives put in place to support your physical, emotional, and financial wellness. Check policies around flexible working such as working from home and working around the more important things in life, like family and studies. Have these conversations up front and early so you know what you are signing up to.

While this may sound obvious, you should work for a company where you feel comfortable, included, and safe to bring the best version of yourself every day. BAT believes that creating A Better Tomorrow™ starts with being more inclusive today. By including everyone and getting excited about different perspectives, we can produce out-of-this-world thinking. 

If you are still curious about the culture, take initiative to connect with individuals from the company that you are interested in via platforms such as LinkedIn to see if they can share further insights!

You can also read through Graduate Stories, Day in the Life Stories and Reviews on GradAustralia profiles for a sneak peek of what it’s like to work for various companies.


Another factor to consider is remuneration. Understand if the company of your interest offers a truly competitive package that is reviewed yearly and benchmarked against their industry. Remuneration could be comprised of your base salary, superannuation and benefits including any short- and long-term incentives. It doesn’t hurt to also check if there are company benefits that you can benefit from for your needs and home and work situation such as parental leave benefits.

Learning & Development

With the world constantly evolving around us, learning and development is important not only for you to grow your career but also to develop as a professional, helping to maintain a competitive edge out in the external market. 

Organisations have different learning approaches. For example, BAT Australia embraces the 70:20:10 learning model. This means that 70 percent of your learning is on the job, 20 percent is through others and the remaining 10 percent is from structured learning.

Learning on the job gives you valuable experience that you cannot gain through a textbook by being hands on with actual problem solving and tackling projects head on. However, it is also important that you are supported by others such as your manager, coach, mentor or even your peers so you can learn from their experiences and advices. Of course, structured or ‘formal’ training (both face-to-face and virtual) is also important to embed your learnings and to explore further on topics of interest. 

It’s a good idea to research how learning is supported within the organisation and development opportunities available. Some questions you can ask are:

  • What kind of learning is available? Are the courses all face-to-face or is there digital learning available for me to learn at my own pace?
  • Can I have tailored learning based on my profession and where I want to end up?

Graduate Program

Not all graduate programs are the same so it’s important that you take time to consider which one is suited for you and your goals in life. Some questions to think about are:

  • Do you want to work at a local or global company?
  • Are you mobile and willing to move to another city or country?
  • What are the opportunities available post successful completion of the graduate program?

If you are looking to enjoy real responsibility from day one, exciting projects and being supported by industry experts and building a career like no other, BAT’s Global Graduate Programme may be of interest to you. BAT’s fast-track to management programme will see you hit the ground running. Straight away, you’ll contribute ideas in a real job, developing your potential through world-class training, and will land you in a junior management role upon successful completion of the programme. Moreover, in your first year, you’ll meet up with other BAT graduates from across the globe for a two-week-long course at our learning academy in the UK* where you’ll learn from leaders, gaining the functional, commercial and leadership skills that you’ll need. 

Click here to learn more about BAT, BAT’s world-class Global Graduate Programme and how you can apply.

* The Academy is currently being ran virtually due to travel restrictions.