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How to get hired at ANZ

Craig Shepherd

As one of the Big Four banks in Australia, ANZ is undoubtedly a popular employer among graduates. A graduate program is a great way to kick off your career in ANZ’s supportive, growth-focused environment. Here’s everything you need to know about getting hired at ANZ.

Understand the different graduate and summer intern programs on offer.

When considering a graduate job with ANZ, it’s important to note there are actually six different graduate programs you can apply for. Currently, ANZ is recruiting for 5 out of the 6 graduate programs – Australia Retail and Commercial, Agribusiness Banking, Data, Institutional and Technology. Finance will be recruiting in July. The ‘Australia Retail and Commercial’ Graduate program runs for 18 months and is available to graduates in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. This program has a very broad focus and serves some six million customers through a network of branches, business centres, ATM’s and leading digital banking applications. Due to the broad focus, the program is open to all disciplines (you don’t need a banking or finance background!) If you have a commitment to customer service, and you want to gain knowledge in several different parts of the business, the Australia Retail and Commercial program could be just what you’re looking for.

If you have a degree in commerce, agriculture, engineering or law, you may be interested in the Agribusiness Banking' program. This graduate program also runs for 18 months and may be done anywhere in Australia. It's particularly accessible for those living in regional areas who may not want to or be able to move far from home. 

The ‘Institutional Banking’ program can be completed in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth and also runs for a period of 18 months. Much like the Australia Retail and Commercial program, it’s open to all disciplines. No specific degree is required, but you do need to be able to demonstrate that you’re a well-rounded person who has been involved in extracurricular activities. This particular program is looking for people who are digitally savvy and able to work both independently and as part of a team.

For the more, IT minded, you may be attracted to the ‘Technology’ program. Also running for 18 months, the program is based in Melbourne or Sydney and looks for students with a degree in computer science, engineering, information systems or science. However, as long as you’ve got a passion for technology, students from all degree disciplines are encouraged to apply. 

Our newest stream is ‘Data’ – also running for 18 months, the program is based in Melbourne and looks for curious and analytical minds that can organise and interpret data and numbers, pick up trends and make informed recommendations.

Be familiar with the recruitment process

Knowing what to expect in any recruitment process gives you a head start, and it’s no different with ANZ. Speaking specifically about interviews and testing, it pays to be prepared. Fortunately, ANZ has recently simplified its recruitment process to make it easier for you to showcase your whole personality and skills. You won’t even need a CV or cover letter to apply!

The process now comprises of:

  • Online application form
  • Game-based assessment
  • Personality questionnaire
  • Video interview
  • Assessment centre

By understanding this process, you can prepare for each step along the way, even without knowing exactly what questions are going to be thrown at you. ANZ’s Prosple Australia profile features some insider info on the process, so you can find more information here

It’s important to remember throughout the process that ANZ isn’t looking at your university grades. They’re more interested in getting to know who you really are, and don’t believe they can assess that by reducing your experiences to a page. If you’re good at creative thinking and adapting to different situations, you should definitely showcase that during the selection process.

It’s also important to show preparation and passion for the program you’re applying for. As one graduate from Melbourne said, ‘Really research the role/division you are applying for and understand what it is the team does.’ This gives you an insight into how important your own research and preparation can be.

Be willing to learn and grow

One thing ANZ are always looking for is a willingness to grow and develop. From personal growth to continuing to develop your industry-specific skills, this is a key factor. If you can demonstrate this, it goes a long way to being noticed by the ANZ recruiters.

One graduate in Melbourne said, ‘Would recommend that the candidate understands a bit about the growth mindset and reflect on how they have demonstrated that and whether they understand the concept of a growth mindset.’

The whole graduate program is based on providing participants with a diverse range of situations and experiences. As such, ANZ wants to know that you can adapt to new situations and continually develop.

‘Training is mostly on the job, however, we have access to a number of coaches to help with the more technical aspects of the role. The graduate program at ANZ is split into 3 x 6-month rotations throughout different business areas.’

- Cherie Johnson, Regional Graduate/Assistant Manager, ANZ

If you’re good at handling change and embracing new experiences, make sure you let the recruiters know. Another tip is to think about times you might have failed to achieve something and how you learned or grew from it. Showing that you can turn a negative into an opportunity for growth is an excellent example of your willingness to learn.

Use your past experience - whatever it may be

Many graduates are daunted by the prospect of discussing their work history. This is often because there may not be much history to discuss. At least, you may not have experience in the financial sector, for example.

But it’s important to remember that a graduate position with ANZ is more than just finance and commerce. They’re a very customer focussed organisation, meaning you can definitely discuss your experience interacting with the public. One graduate from Sydney had this advice to interviewees, ‘Knowing how your past roles can help you as a graduate even if that role was hospitality (eg being a waitress taught you how to deal with customers).’

You should also remember that for graduate positions, ANZ isn’t looking for seasoned experts. They understand you’re just finishing university and your career is just getting started. Graduate programs are all about helping you do that.

So, spend a little time thinking about your previous experiences and how they can relate to your new career. It may be specific customer service skills, or it may even be ways you’ve creatively solved problems. 

Show your adaptability

Finally, it’s important to show that you can adapt to a range of different situations. ANZ’s graduate programs comprise three rotations of six months each. This means you’ll need to jump into a new part of the business and start learning quickly.

‘Through the varying rotations, the Graduate Project and multiple Professional Development Days, each graduate is given exposure to multiple areas of the bank to develop and enhance numerous skill sets while building an extensive professional network throughout the bank.’

– Kaitlin Edwards, Corporate and Commercial Banking Graduate, ANZ

Being able to embrace change and adapt is a key component of success, so it’s important to tell recruiters about times you have coped with change. If you’re not great at being in fast-paced, ever-changing environments, ANZ may not be a great fit for you.

If you love diverse experiences, then you could really excel, just like Matthew Kerr, Finance Graduate, who had this to say, Challenges I have faced include developing beyond my comfort zone, in order to really add value to the bank. This is a key part of the performance review/development stages and something which will provide a long-lasting benefit as I progress throughout my career.’

Hopefully, this article tells you everything you need to know in order to get hired at ANZ. If you want to read more about ANZ and their graduate programs, you can check their employer profile at Prosple Australia. You might also like to check out reviews from graduates at ANZ. You will always be able to find ANZ graduate positions on our jobs page, so keep an eye out for your next opportunity!