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How to navigate the PwC graduate job application process

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So what does it take to navigate the recruitment process and get hired by PwC? We surveyed graduates that have done exactly that and are here to help.

As one of the "Big Four” and the second-largest firm of its type in the world, PwC employs 22,3000 globally, with 7,000 people in Australia alone.

Recruiting only the cream of the crop and servicing the most prestigious clients around the globe, a position with PwC will be a life-changing move for your career. For the strongest performers, you can expect to be promoted every 2 to 3 years until 10-15 years down the track where you make partner. That's some pretty impressive stuff.

So what does it take to navigate the recruitment process and get hired by PwC? We surveyed graduates that have done exactly that and are here to help. Here are the best insider tips to get you on your way to your dream job with PwC!

1. Get Involved, Early!

Culture and values are extremely important to PwC, and they very much have a work-hard, play-hard attitude. With a heavy focus on networking, they provide an abundance of social activities to reward their teams for the effort they put in.

If you’ve got a career at PwC in your sights, then get in early. Start getting involved in clubs, social events and things within your community and prepare for the PwC lifestyle from the beginning.

“Very structured team with business unit leaders, managers and consultants. The team is very friendly, inclusive and works together well. We also socialise quite often outside of work including with drinks and lunches and weekend events organised through an office wide social club.”

- Graduate, Adelaide

“Never shy away from achieving experience. Don't say no to a new opportunity that will teach you something, even the worst project, group, club, job offers to teach you a lot.”

- Graduate, Canberra

“1. Start Early, get involved in extracurricular activities in University 2. Get a job that contributes to developing your skills to getting your dream job. 3. Ensure your grades are up there 4. Respect others.”

- Graduate, Canberra

2. Put That Resume Away….

Things are done a little different at PwC. In order to ensure a fair and equitable process from the beginning, no resumes or academic transcripts are requested up-front. And there’s one type of application for all positions. Cool, huh? Also, you don’t need to have a degree specifically in the services they offer to apply for a position with them.

The process starts by submitting an online application via the career section of their site and nominating a grad program you’re interested in. If you make it past this stage, you'll then head to the assessment centre for an interview day. From there you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re “driven and agile; innovative and commercially aware" to get any further.

“I applied online through the PwC website before completing an online maths test and logic test. Afterwards, I answered some video interview questions before progressing to the assessment centre. Once at the assessment centre, I was placed on a team to complete a case study and then was interviewed privately.”

- Graduate, Brisbane

“There were a few phases as part of the interview process. The first phase included numerical assessments, logic assessments and behavioural assessments. The second phase included a video interview where we are asked to answer questions within a specific time limit in a one-way environment. The third phase included a face to face interview with the job manager and director.”

- Graduate, Perth

3. Prepare to Get Personal…

Different organisations have different ways of evaluating whether you’ll be a good fit for their job requirements and their culture. Whilst you should be prepared to answer questions relating to your experience, skills and behavioural situations, PwC want to know what excites you outside of work as well!

They want to understand you as a whole person, not just your professional side. When you’re not expecting questions relating to your personal life, sometimes you can be caught off-guard. Prepare some well-thought answers about what you're passionate about as well as the normal questions you'd expect.

“I was asked what my interests were, why I wanted to work for the organisation.”

- Graduate, Sydney

“I was asked about my skills, passion and prior work history.”

- Midlevel, Sydney

“A mix of expected professional and personal questions”

- Graduate, Melbourne

4. Focus On Your Life Experience…

Whilst a lot of companies are very concerned with how you handle conflict in a work situation, PwC is just as concerned with your real-world and life experience too! As a graduate, it’s unlikely you’ll have ten years plus employment history, so it makes sense you share with them how you worked well in stressful, high-pressure situations in everyday life as well.

When preparing for your interview make sure you include a mix of real-life experience and work experience in your responses to the questions you could be asked. And when you are preparing your answers, consider how it shows that you are “driven and agile; innovative and commercially aware” like we mentioned above.

“We spoke about my life, life experience and how I would apply that to my work.”

- Graduate, Melbourne

“My interviewers told me where they started and how they got to where they were going and why they do what they do. I responded with my life interests and that while I didn't have business experience, my family has taught me a lot about what matters which can be empathised with clients in the small enterprise sector. I also questioned my interviewers about the societal impact PwC has because that was important to me and we had casual chats about outside work interests.”

- Graduate, Brisbane

5. Relax, PwC Are A Friendly Bunch…

Let’s face it. Interviewing is a nerve-racking experience. No matter how much you’ve researched and prepared, sometimes the nerves simply take over and you don’t perform your best. And when you're met with a stern-faced interviewer that's not giving you an inch, it can intensify the situation and make it a million times worse.  

We’re not saying don’t bring your game face, or don’t prepare thoroughly or be professional. You should be at your best, as they only employ the best. But the PwC recruitment process is different and nearly all of our graduates had a positive and welcoming experience during each recruitment stage. This should help ease your nerves in the beginning so you can show off your best self while you’re there.

“The whole experience was welcoming and as comfortable as can be when you're applying for a job. The staff were kind and willing to meet you.”

- Graduate, Brisbane

“Good questions and interviewers who were friendly, open and honest.”

- Midlevel, Sydney