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Top five tips to land a graduate job AECOM

Erin Delaney

Careers Commentator

We sat down with AECOM’s graduate recruitment manager, Annika Wilson, to find out how grads can put their best foot forward.

1. Do your homework

Consider why you want to work at AECOM. It's evident during an interview if a candidate has taken the time to get to know what our company is about, our purpose (we ‘deliver a better world’), and what we do. So, when you're asked 'Why do you want to work here?', be ready with specific examples that demonstrate a basic understanding of AECOM, our projects, and our people. There’s plenty of information on our website and via our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, and we’re also active at various careers fairs/ presentations/ society events."

2. Put in the effort

If you are going to apply for a graduate position, take your time to submit a ‘first class’ application. Consider tailoring your resume to suit the specific role you are applying for, and spend time answering the application questions. It is clear to a recruiter if a candidate has not spent any or insufficient time considering the answers.

3. Show your passion

Standing out from the crowd can be challenging, but if you can demonstrate your passion for a particular area, discipline or organisation, that’s a great start. Our managers get so excited if they meet a student who is super passionate about their area of expertise.

4. Be yourself

Be the best version of you, but still be you. Authenticity is so important, as is being perceived as a cultural ‘fit’ and aligning with organisational values.

5. Soft skills are key!

We are seeking candidates who can communicate well with others, who can work effectively in diverse teams, and people with a client/customer services approach. Technical skills can be taught, but behaviours are much harder to teach.