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Writing A Cover Letter For Graduate Program (No Experience)

Amina Ibrahim

Our expert tips and examples will help you write a standout cover letter for a graduate program that showcases your strengths and potential.

Your cover letter for the graduate program is your story. It reveals what truly inspired you to become what you are and showcases what makes you stand out – beyond what a resume can tell. 

Writing a cover letter can feel like leaping into the unknown. It is exciting, nerve-wracking, and often, a big step without much professional experience to show. So if you are not sure of how to direct the cover letter that goes in your favour, here is our unsurpassed approach that you need to follow for the best outcome. 

We will reveal a 10-step process to write the perfect cover letter for any graduate program and let you onto the best practices along with some examples. Read on because it is time you showcase to the employer that you may not have experience but you have everything else they need.

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A cover letter for a graduate program is a formal letter that accompanies your resume when applying for a specific graduate position or program within a company or institution. It is a one-page document where you introduce yourself to the hiring team and highlight your skills, experiences, and reasons why you are a good fit for the specific position you are applying to.

Now the cover letter for a graduate program is quite different from the graduate school cover letter. They vary in what they emphasize and how they are approached. A cover letter for a graduate job focuses on showcasing your relevant skills and experiences and how your background aligns with the job requirements and company culture.

On the other hand, a grad school cover letter is part of your graduate school application and addresses the admissions committee. It is a key component where you mention your academic interests, career goals, and reasons for applying to specific graduate schools or programs. 

Instead of emphasizing work experiences, graduate school applications highlight your academic achievements, research interests, and how a particular program aligns with your career aspirations.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Graduate Program if You Don’t Have Any Work Experience?

Many dread writing a cover letter, causing them to procrastinate. Writing it for the first time can be hard especially when you don't have any guidance. To ease things for you, here is our 10-step process to write a cover letter that will showcase the best of you.

1. Address the letter to a specific person

Finding the right person to address your cover letter to can make a huge difference. It shows that you did your homework and have a genuine interest in the program. Search the company's website, LinkedIn, or even contact the organization to identify the HR program coordinator or team member who might be overseeing the hiring process. 

If you can't find a specific name, a general salutation like "Dear Hiring Manager" is acceptable.

2. Start with a strong opening paragraph

Your opening paragraph sets the tone. Instead of generic statements like "I am applying for the position of...", start by expressing your interest in the job and the company. 

You can mention something specific about the company that resonates with you. For instance, you could mention a recent project or development the company was involved in and how that inspired you to apply.

3. Explain your academic background & achievements

When talking about your academic background, be specific. Mention your degree, major, and any relevant coursework that directly relates to the job. If you have a high GPA or received academic honors, highlight those.

Simply listing your achievements won’t work; explain how they demonstrate your skills or suitability for the role. Using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) framework can help you illustrate your achievements more effectively. Let's see how you can achieve it. 

  • Situation: Describe the context or situation in which you were involved. 
  • Task: Outline the specific tasks or responsibilities assigned to you within that situation. What were you expected to accomplish or contribute to the project or activity?
  • Action: Detail the actions you took to fulfil your responsibilities. Emphasize how you approached challenges and the strategies you employed to overcome them.
  • Result: Finally, explain the outcomes or results of your actions. Discuss the impact of your contributions, any measurable achievements, and what you learned from the experience.

4. Highlight relevant experiences & skills

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Even without traditional work experience, you likely have experiences from internships, volunteer work, projects, or extracurricular activities that polished your skills. Identify those experiences that align with the job you are applying for. 

For example, if you volunteered for an organization where you developed communication or leadership skills, highlight that. Don't underestimate the value of these experiences – they demonstrate qualities like teamwork, problem-solving, or adaptability.

5. Connect your skills to the program's requirements

Carefully review the job program's requirements and job description. Identify the key skills and qualities they are looking for in candidates. Then, align your skills and experiences with these requirements.

For instance, if the program emphasizes teamwork, discuss a project where you successfully collaborated with others to achieve a goal. Be specific and provide examples to explain how your background aligns with what they are looking for.

6. Show your enthusiasm & interest in the program

Express your genuine interest in the program and the company or organization. Research the company thoroughly and mention what specifically attracts you to it. Is it their values, their innovative approach, or the impact they make? 

Also, explain why you are passionate about the field or industry. Maybe you have a personal story or an inspiring moment that sparked your interest. Express enthusiasm and genuine interest to compensate for the lack of formal experience.

7. Address lack of experience positively

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It is okay not to have traditional work experience. Instead of seeing your lack of work experience as a disadvantage, frame it as an opportunity. Acknowledge it in your cover letter but focus on what you do have to offer.

Highlight your enthusiasm to learn and your willingness to bring fresh perspectives. Emphasize your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, internships, or any relevant projects that showcase your skills and eagerness to contribute. You can also mention any industry-related events, seminars, or workshops you attended.

8. Customize & personalize

Generic cover letters rarely stand out. Tailor each cover letter to the specific job program you are applying for. Customize it by mentioning the program's name and its unique aspects that attract you. 

Showcase your understanding of the program's goals and how you see yourself contributing. Use the language and keywords from the job description to demonstrate your fit for the role.

9. Close the letter with a call to action

Your conclusion matters just as much as the introduction. End your cover letter with a strong closing that includes a call to action. Express your gratitude for the opportunity to apply and reiterate your interest in the program. 

Politely request an interview or meeting to discuss how you can contribute further. Provide your contact information and indicate your willingness to provide additional information if needed.

10. Proofread & edit for clarity & accuracy

Once you have written your cover letter, proofread it carefully. Check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and make sure the language is clear and professional. Read it aloud to catch any awkward phrases or errors that might have slipped through. You can also use online tools like Grammarly or ProWritingAid, or ask a friend to review it for feedback.

Pay attention to formatting and make sure the layout is clean and easy to read. Use a standard font and keep the length to one page. Aim for a professional and concise tone throughout the letter.

6 Best Practices For Writing A Cover Letter For Graduate Program

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When it comes to applying for graduate programs, your cover letter can make all the difference. To help you master this essential part of your application, here are 6 expert-backed practices for creating the perfect cover letter that will increase your chances of securing the dream opportunity.

I. Research the program & understand the requirements

Before you start writing, get familiar with the graduate program you are applying to. Visit their website and understand their mission, values, and the specific requirements for the program. Take note of what they are looking for in candidates. 

Understanding these details helps you customize your cover letter to align with what the program is seeking. It allows you to emphasize your relevant skills, experiences, and passions that resonate with their expectations.

II. Avoid repeating information from your resume

Your cover letter shouldn’t echo your resume. Instead, use it as an opportunity to expand on certain aspects of your background that might not be fully explained in your resume. It is your chance to showcase your personality, your motivations, and how your experiences shaped your interest in the program.

Share anecdotes or examples that show your skills and character, making you stand out beyond what is listed in your CV.

III. Quantify achievements when possible

When discussing your achievements or experiences, whenever you can, add numbers or figures to quantify your impact. This helps to give a clearer picture of what you accomplished. 

For instance, instead of saying, “I led a project”, you could say, “I led a team of 10 members to successfully complete a project that resulted in a 20% increase in efficiency”. Numbers make your achievements more tangible and highlight your contributions effectively.

IV. Keep the letter concise & focused 

When crafting your cover letter, balance between being informative and concise. Keep it focused on the most relevant points. You want the reader to get a clear picture of your qualifications and motivations without overwhelming them with unnecessary details. Stick to a single page and use clear, direct language to convey your message.

V. Incorporate keywords from the job description

Make your cover letter stand out by aligning it with the language used in the job description or program requirements. Highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements that directly relate to the keywords or phrases mentioned in the description. 

This shows that you understand what they are looking for and also helps your application pass through any automated screening systems that scan for specific keywords.

VI. Get feedback from mentors or career advisors before finalizing

Before sending your cover letter, get feedback from mentors, career advisors, professors, or anyone with experience in the field you are applying to. They can provide valuable insights, catch errors you might have missed, and offer suggestions to strengthen your letter. 

Their feedback can help you refine your message and ensure that your cover letter effectively highlights your strengths and aligns with the expectations of the program.

2 Examples of Cover Letters for Graduate Program

Creating a standout cover letter that distinguishes you among thousands of graduate job seekers and catches the eye of potential employers can be the key. To give you a head start, we have prepared 2 compelling cover letter examples. 

These sample cover letters are made specifically for graduate programs and will give you practical insights into how you can effectively showcase your skills, experiences, and enthusiasm to secure the position.

Sample Cover Letter 1 for Graduate Program

Emma Thompson                                                                        [email protected]

22 Koala Street                                                                                                    0412 345 678

Sydney, NSW 2000

Ms. Samantha Davis                                                                                  16 December 2023

Human Resources Manager

GreenSolutions Pty Ltd

35 Eucalyptus Lane

Melbourne, VIC 3000


Dear Ms. Davis,

I am writing to express my genuine enthusiasm for the Marketing Associate position at GreenSolutions Pty Ltd. Your commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions resonates deeply with my values and aspirations.

My educational background in Marketing and Communications from the University of Sydney has equipped me with a strong foundation in strategic planning, market research, and digital media. Courses like Strategic Brand Management and Digital Marketing Strategies honed my ability to analyze market trends and develop comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, I actively pursued opportunities to expand my skill set. My involvement in the Sydney Marketing Club and internships at local NGOs allowed me to cultivate hands-on experience in social media marketing and content creation. These experiences instilled in me a passion for using marketing strategies to drive positive social change.

I am particularly drawn to GreenSolutions Pty Ltd because of its reputation for fostering a collaborative work environment that promotes creativity and innovation in sustainable solutions. I am eager to contribute my enthusiasm, adaptability, and fresh perspective to your team.

Outside of academics, I am passionate about environmental conservation and have volunteered with organizations focused on promoting eco-friendly initiatives. This further fueled my desire to contribute my skills to a company like GreenSolutions Pty Ltd that shares my commitment to environmental sustainability.

I am excited about the opportunity to further discuss how my skills and eagerness to learn can benefit GreenSolutions Pty Ltd. Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the possibility of contributing to your esteemed team and am available at your earliest convenience for an interview.


Warm regards,

Emma Thompson

Sample Cover Letter 2 for Graduate Program

Isabella Clarke


42 Jacaranda Avenue  |  Melbourne, VIC 3000  |  [email protected]  |  0412 345 678

Ms. Emily Johnson                                                                                     16 December 2023

Talent Acquisition Manager

EcoSolutions Pty Ltd

18 Gumtree Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


Dear Ms. Johnson,

I am writing to express my sincere interest in the Junior Accountant position at ABC Accounting Firm, as advertised on Prosple. As a recent graduate from The University of Sydney, where I attained a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, I am excited about the prospect of contributing my knowledge and dedication to your esteemed company.

During my academic journey, I diligently pursued coursework that honed my accounting skills and provided a robust foundation for practical application. My coursework included modules in Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, and Business Law. Through these courses, I developed a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and their real-world implications, achieving an average GPA of 6.5.

While my professional experience may be limited, I have actively engaged in extracurricular activities that fortified my skills and commitment to the field. As a member of the University Accounting Society, I collaborated with peers on accounting case studies, fostering teamwork and problem-solving abilities. 

Additionally, my role as a volunteer in Financial Minds Australia allowed me to manage finances and budgets effectively, demonstrating my practical understanding of financial management. I am eager to apply these technical skills in a professional setting and further expand my knowledge under the guidance of seasoned professionals at ABC Accounting Firm.

I am drawn to ABC Accounting Firm because of its reputation for innovative accounting practices and commitment to ethical standards. I am particularly impressed by the company's recent achievement in streamlining financial processes, and I am enthusiastic about the possibility of contributing to similar successes.

I am confident that my academic background, coupled with my enthusiasm for accounting and willingness to learn, make me a strong candidate for this position. I am excited about the opportunity to discuss how my skills align with the needs of ABC Accounting Firm and how I can contribute to your team’s success.

Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the possibility of discussing my application in further detail.


Warm regards,

Isabella Clarke

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You know that you are perfect for that job but your confidence won't shine through unless you articulate your strengths. That is where a cover letter comes in. It is a great way to spruce up your resume for a job application and let the potential employer know what you are made of. 

Writing a cover letter for a graduate program is all about expressing your dedication and enthusiasm to learn and how you can contribute to the dynamic company culture. Remember, this is your moment to make a lasting impression. Be concise, be genuine, and be specific about what you bring to the table.

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