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April 2022 Super Fair


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The 2022 April Jobs & Internships Super Fair was held on Wednesday the 6th of April 2022. It was for students looking for internships and/or graduate jobs with employers who are the field of Law, Public Service & Non-for-profit, Technology and Transport & Logistics.

The fair was live for three hours. During the first 40 minutes students joined a Panel Session with a panelist of employers top of their field where they find out about the sector and collect some insider tips on how to succeed in their career. For the remaining 2 hours, students watched 18 minute pitches from individual employers about why they should work with them and how to succeed in applying.

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Event Program


See what degrees employers are hiring from by following this key.





Public Service & Non-for-profit

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Transport & Logistics

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Save the date

Don’t miss this event! Understanding what employers do is critical to submitting successful applications, so take this event seriously, save it to your calendar and show up.

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Research employers

Make sure to research the employers you're interested in before the event, especially those you haven't heard of before. Make sure you understand what they do and prepare some well thought through questions to ask them!


Pick your stream

Review the Streams and decide which one you plan join. You can of course switch between streams, but make sure to join the panel session for the stream you're most interested in.


Download Zoom

We’ll be using Zoom to power this virtual fair.

Download the app for PCMacAndroid or iOS in advance and create an account so there’s no delay in joining the sessions.


Join and learn 

When the event begins, start by joining your preferred stream. Listen critically to what each recruiter is saying and post your questions in the chat. Either stay in one stream for the whole event or jump between streams.



All sessions will be recorded for the benefit of future students and those who aren't able to attend the career fair. Content may be used by the event host, the employer, or on a Prosple website.


More information

If you have more questions send us an email to [email protected]!