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Five insider tips for Accenture graduate job applications

Jaymes Carr

Careers Commentator
Prosple Australia surveyed recent graduates at Accenture to bring you the top five tips for applying to the Accenture graduate program.

1. Be patient

Competition is fierce for jobs at Accenture, which Prosple Australia respondents have ranked among the country’s Top 100 graduate employers. As a result, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the application procedure is stringent and drawn out. Candidates often had to complete multiple interviews, as well as exercises designed to test their technical aptitude and interpersonal skills. All told, the application process can take up to eight months, so it pays to be patient!

"It was lengthy and a little nerve-wracking, but everyone I came into contact with (from the managers who interviewed me, and the recruitment people) was so nice, and really helped me through it."

- Graduate, Melbourne


"My only criticism would be the delay between my final interview and receiving an offer - that was about 2 months. Up until that point they had been very prompt at letting me know whether or not I had progressed to the next stage."

- Graduate, Melbourne

2. Prepare to be tested in a variety of ways

Accenture recruiters want to get a comprehensive sense of who you are as a person—and this means taking into account your personality, technical skills, communication skills, prior experience, and so on. To collect this information, Accenture requires candidates to complete various exercises, such as group activities at an assessment centre or even a ‘hackathon’.

"The interview process was intense. I went through a 7 stage interview process that started in July 2015 and finished in November 2015. It involved an online application, multiple online psychometric tests, online video interview, face to face interview, and then a full day assessment centre called "the Accenture Adventure" in which we were assessed for a variety of group activities."

- Graduate, Melbourne

"The interview process was straightforward and they held a hackathon for us as part of the hiring process, which was a fun and challenging process."

- Graduate, Sydney

3. Emphasise what makes you unique

While all applicants will be expected to meet basic criteria, the candidates who stand out are often those who can share something unusual about a relevant experience they’ve had or a skill they possess. So be confident and consider which of your interests might make for a refreshing break from the ordinary flow of interview questions.

"To know why you are the best person for the company - it boils down to having more than a great academic transcript, but if you are an interesting person, who is willing to go above and beyond, without the guarantee of recognition. For example, I volunteered at university - and did this because I really enjoyed it (rather than using this as a vehicle to enhance my CV)."

- Graduate, Sydney

"I was asked a lot about my interests and what I wanted to get from working at Accenture."

- Graduate, Melbourne

"Have something interesting outside of study/work that you do as a hobby. The managers interviewing me liked to know I am able to maintain a work/life balance prior to joining Accenture."

- Graduate, Melbourne

"Talk to your interviewer as if they were a friend, and ask questions of them too."

- Graduate, Canberra

4. Familiarise yourself with key challenges in IT and other areas of interest to Accenture

As a professional services organisation, Accenture has to be ready to help clients with a range of problems in different industries. You can give yourself an edge by making sure that you’re familiar with some of the issues facing organisations of interest to Accenture, particularly those in business and technology.

"Know the lay of the land. Research the latest business and technology trends affecting the market, and specifically that which you are looking to moving into (finance, telco etc.). Be ready for questions that aren't related to work, they want to see if you fit the company culture. Show that you are someone who likes solving problems and who is adaptive and can learn quickly."

- Midlevel, Melbourne

"Learn about what the company does and how it does it. Looking up some media releases on work they have done in the past would give you a good idea of the kind of work they do."

- Graduate, Melbourne

"Stay up to date with the industries that you are interested in working with, and also the new trends in technology."

- Graduate, Sydney

5. Research the company values

Accenture is a value-driven company. So much so, in fact, that its six guiding principles are encapsulated by an acronym: CORBIS. This stands for client value creation, one global network, respect for individuals, best people, integrity, stewardship. By familiarising yourself with these principles, what they mean, and how you’ve embodied them in the past, you’ll be giving yourself a helpful advantage in interviews and group assessments.

"I would recommend that you research the company core values, and focus on how they can relate their previous experience into work related scenarios."

- Graduate, Sydney

"Have a good understanding of Accenture: its structure, competitors, service offerings and major clients."

- Graduate, Melbourne

"Research is key. Know the ins and outs of the company, particularly their values. Work out how these relate to you as an individual and why you want to work for them. Generic responses (i.e., international company) won't get you very far - be a bit unique and demonstrate that you have genuinely thought about the company and want to work for them."

- Graduate, Melbourne