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EY Australia

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Where to start by EY

EY Australia

Get to know EY. Explore the organisation to understand future growth plans, areas of focus, service lines and perspectives. EY.com is a great place to start, but you should also follow our social media channels for the very latest and best on everything EY. Many EY leaders are quite active on social media, as well, so take a moment to follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter, where you can explore their perspectives and read their thought leadership.

If you’re currently an undergraduate or graduate student, you may want to attend a campus event or career fair to meet us in person. You can find the events we are attending here.

Use your existing network to speak to anyone you may already know at EY. Consider speaking to peers who have participated in one of our student programs, or professors who may have experience with EY. This will help you gain firsthand insight into individual experiences that online research can’t provide and help demonstrate your commitment to the role.