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Meet a #futureshaper: Daniel Sanchez

Honeywell Australia and New Zealand

Daniel Sanchez joined the Honeywell Graduate Program as a Sales Engineer in 2019 and less than 3 years later he sits as an Account Manager for Honeywell’s Justice and Corrections portfolio.

As a bright-eyed Graduate, Daniel Sanchez recognised the amazing opportunity that Honeywell’s graduate program would provide him, “there is a lot of opportunities to move throughout the business units and locations.”  Honeywell is a global company” with “a great reputation,” focused on “sustainability and working with cutting edge technology which I liked.” “The work you do at Honeywell has a real impact on people and the world.”

Daniel completed a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) from RMIT and joined the graduate program in 2019. He has always been drawn to Engineering for its “problem-solving, collaborative nature” and its “practical application.”

The program enabled him to upskill into the Mechanical and Electrical Building technology industry. Daniel describes how as a grad, Honeywell provided him with an array of opportunities; “you get to work on a lot of different types of projects in different industries like Healthcare, Defence, Commercial and Corrections.”

The “standout” experience for Daniel during his time in the program was the excitement that surrounded “big tender wins” like the new Footscray Hospital. The program also provides incredible opportunities to connect, learn and train with other graduates across Australia & NZ, “the graduate week trip was a fantastic experience.” Daniel led Honeywell’s Graduate Future Shaper challenge where him and his team developed an employee forum focused on sustainability and social engagement.

Post graduate program, Daniel went into Estimations, “I continued as an Estimator while looking for the next opportunity and putting my hand up everywhere I could. I had a fantastic opportunity to assist within our Corrections vertical supporting our site teams and working closely with our local Account Managers and Business Consultants… I received valuable experience and built the confidence to apply for my current role.”

Daniel advises all new graduates starting their career at Honeywell to “take every opportunity.” “Don’t be afraid to challenge how things are done,” “find better ways to do it.” He advises all applicants and those thinking about applying for Honeywell’s program to “research, reach out to people and find out if Honeywell aligns with you and your values. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to get where you want to go.”

His advice to everyone? “Be active and work hard…rest, recharge and look after yourself.”

Daniel has recently been promoted into an Account Manager role just three years into his career. As an Account Manager for Honeywell’s Justice and Corrections portfolio in Victoria, Daniel works with a variety of internal and external stakeholders. He ensures that sites are operating “effectively and efficiently.” Additionally, he manages the relationships between Honeywell and Justice and Corrections customers, working collaboratively to “develop a strategy to expand Honeywell’s market share.”

When asked what helped him achieve such a senior position so early on in his career, Daniel attributes his learnings and experiences during his time in the graduate program and the “relationships” he has built during his time at Honeywell and his “willingness” to put his hand up, to “step up and help” whenever he can. His “support networks” both within and outside of Honeywell have been integral to his success, “no one gets anywhere alone.”

Daniel is “excited to get into the strategy aspect” of his new role, “to work with technology, fix problems and find better ways to leverage the skills and experiences” of his team.

Daniel also acknowledges how operating through the COVID-19 pandemic has been a big achievement in itself; “unprecedented times with more problems to solve every day.”

Motivated by the prospect of creating a workspace that is “engaging and different,” Daniel is inspired to make an impact; to create a life “where I can do the things I love and things I’ve never done before.” “New responsibilities are always exciting and slightly scary however I think I just love a challenge.”

Daniel Sanchez encapsulates what it truly means to be a FutureShaper, constantly learning and evolving; “there are still so many areas of the industry I haven’t been fully exposed to and I’ll always be looking for the right opportunity to keep learning.”