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Six workplaces for graduates that value diversity

Jaymes Carr

Careers Commentator
Graduates have a right to pursue rewarding careers without discrimination. Our graduates share their opinions on diversity in six Australian workplaces.

Diversity is important to employers and employees, and, at GradAustralia, we’re strong supporters of the idea that all graduates have the right to pursue careers that reward their talents and aspirations without subjecting them to any form of discrimination. That’s why, when we interview graduate insiders at various organisations, we specifically ask them to comment on diversity initiatives as well as programs designed to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds. Below are some examples of the feedback we received from graduates in workplaces that score particularly well on diversity.


Accenture professes an “unwavering commitment to diversity with the aim that each and every one of our people has a full sense of belonging within our organization”. In 2018, it ranked first on the Thomas Reuters Index of the World’s Most Diverse and Inclusive Companies. You can learn more about Accenture’s diversity initiatives here.

'Accenture is an extremely diverse workplace and they have many programs to help promote diversity in the workplace. This was something that although it is a core Accenture value, I was really pleasantly surprised by how much they live up to their diversity claims.'
Graduate, Melbourne

'The company has a strong commitment to diversity and has many internal campaigns to raise awareness for different minorities. There is a strong focus on ensuring that career progression is not impacted by race, gender, sexual orientation etc.'
Graduate, Melbourne

'I feel like Accenture has some of the best programs when it comes to diversity. We have big groups that support and bring awareness to LGBT, mental health, women, and many more.'
Graduate, Melbourne

'Accenture prides itself on diversity. It has LGBT allies, who are employees who complete a short online course to represent they support the LGBT community and will always be available for assistance. The company is incredibly diverse and multicultural, and I feel it has more of a 50% split between men and women than any other company I've worked for.'
Graduate, Melbourne


The managing partner at Ashurst chairs the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group, which is currently focusing on initiatives related to LGBTI people, gender equality, multiculturalism, and people with disabilities or wellbeing issues. In 2018, the firm was recognised as an employer of choice for gender equality for the 17th consecutive year.

'Bronze ranking in the 2016 Australian Workplace Equality Index compiled by Pride in Diversity; dedicated global internal LGBTI network; Employer of Choice for Gender Equality.'
Graduate, Brisbane

'On gender diversity, the firm is excellent on the lower ranks but is moving in the right direction for the partner-level. On LGBTI, my firm is very inclusive. There has been less of a focus on ethnic diversity but I certainly do not feel there has been anything negative on this front.'
Graduate, Sydney

'The firm tries very hard to remove biases from recruitment and do recruit from a diverse pool of law students, not just exclusively from seasonal clerkships.'
Graduate, Melbourne

'The firm has strong diversity committees and champions for women in the law, LGBTI and indigenous issues. There are strong programs in place for female mentorship and an acknowledgement and response to issues of female underrepresentation in higher management.'
Graduate, Melbourne

Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank champions inclusivity and diversity, publishing an annual report on its performance in those areas. In 2017, 44.4% of people employed in managerial roles (or above) were women, 59.4% of its 51,800 employees identified as having non-Australian ancestry, and roughly one in ten employees identified as having a disability. It has been recognised at the Australian LGBTI Inclusion Awards, and in 2018 also won an award for supporting members of the autism community.

'Our company has strong programs in place for diversity. e.g. women, LGBTI, disability, Aboriginal etc. The maternity leave policy is great with even the secondary carer getting 1 month leave.'
Midlevel, Sydney

'We are well known for our commitment in this field. We have specific formalised employee-run networks who support different fields of diversity and have events recognised throughout the year to support them. LGBTI inclusion was a big consideration for me to choose CommBank as an employer.'
Midlevel, Sydney

'The bank places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion across all facets of diversity. The bank focuses on gender equality, multiculturalism, LGBTI, diversity across age and a number of other diversity metrics.'
Graduate, Sydney


PwC is an industry leader when it comes to diversity and inclusion and, according to a 2018 survey, 87% of its employees believe PwC is 'an inclusive work environment where individual differences are respected and valued.' It has twice been named Australia’s top LGBTI employer by Pride in Diversity and is committed to gender equality at the partner level, with future admissions including a minimum of 40 percent women and 40 percent men, with the remaining 20 percent being of any gender identity.  You can learn more about PwC’s commitment to inclusion and diversity here.

'The company does not discriminate against women, ethnic minorities and the LGBT community. Maternity leave is provided and there is a policy where employees can work from home if needed. The company is committed to ensuring it is diverse and accepting of those who are considered in the minority.'
Graduate, Perth

'There is a significant investment in the diversity and inclusion programmes with affinity groups for women, people with disabilities, queer individuals, and people from varying cultural backgrounds. There is a focus on recruiting these individuals and supporting them in the firm.'
Graduate, Sydney

'The company is committed to ensuring that it does not discriminate against those from less privileged backgrounds.'
Graduate, Perth


KPMG’s most recent Inclusion & Diversity report emphasised that inclusion and diversity are 'woven into the fabric of KPMG', a claim borne out in its bold 2020 strategy for the support of gender equality, family and caring, cultural diversity, people with disabilities, and LGBT+ inclusion. In 2018, it was ranked among the top ten global companies for diversity by DiversityInc, which advocates for diversity at a broad range of organisations.

'My workplace is extremely diverse. Often people are conversing in Russian or Afrikaans. Everyone is very interesting as they all have a different background and a different story to tell. As a woman in my workplace I feel equal and I have all of the opportunities that the men have.'
Graduate, Perth

'There are various people from all backgrounds but they all share the common characteristic of wanting to succeed. That is definitely put first before any other characteristics and even then there's a wide range of people with different backgrounds in the workplace.'
Graduate, Adelaide

'KPMG have been implementing lots of gender equal policies. This filters through to the lowest level of recruitment to the higher levels of people in management.'
Graduate, Adelaide

Procter and Gamble

In 2017, the CEO of Procter and Gamble, David Taylor, launched the world’s largest CEO-led diversity initiative, which now involves the CEOs and Presidents of more than 450 workplaces. The CEO Act!On For Diversity & Inclusion program requires participating organisations to make three pledges: that they will foster diverse environments, implement and expand unconscious bias education, and share with each other what they learn about effective (and ineffective) diversity strategies.

P&G itself is a notably diverse company and, in 2017, was identified as one of DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity, as well as one of Working Mother Media’s 100 Best Companies for Multicultural Women.

'Our value of inclusion and diversity is the most important to us. We have people from over 25 nationalities working together. And most importantly we have the best in class facilities when it comes to maternity leave.'
Graduate, Melbourne

'Still a lack of diversity in higher levels of management, but the company are taking steps to change this and making good progress.'
Midlevel, Sydney

'Best in class for diversity. Very supportive and encouraging of diversity. Fantastic on this front. Female/male/LGBTI, it does not matter and will not affect you at work.'
Midlevel, Melbourne

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