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Hari Lodwick

8.00 AM

My alarm and my dogs Pepper and Tabasco are insisting I get up, so I stagger into the shower and get dressed before putting them and my bunny Ori outside for the day.

Dogs in the lawn

My partner makes me a coffee before driving me to work, and I try to quickly catch up on the morning’s news.

9.00 AM

It’s one of my intake shifts, so I log into our intake inbox to see how many complaints, enquiries and voicemails have come through overnight. Lots! I go through them one by one to either mark new complaints to be made up, respond to enquiries and return phone calls. One of my colleagues does a coffee run, but I’m still going on the coffee I brought in!

9.30 AM

My phone rings, and it’s Reception with the first call of the day. Someone is looking for information about how to make a health service complaint. I check to make sure that they are located in Canberra and it is the type of complaint we can consider and give them information about our complaints process and how to make a complaint via our website.

10:30 AM

I have a catch up with my supervisor to run through some of my complaint files. We make decisions together about what actions to take next, which ones need letters, and which ones might be suitable for closure. I update my file list and prioritise which tasks to work on first.

A young professional in her office desk

11.00 AM

My phone rings, and it’s Reception again. This time someone has dropped in to the office looking to speak to someone about a complaint. I book a meeting room and go meet them with some spare complaint forms in case they need assistance filling them out. This time it looks like it might be a discrimination complaint and the person has difficulties with writing. I listen carefully to their concerns, and then fill out the complaint form with them.

12.00 PM

My phone rings, and it’s Reception. The caller has concerns about something that has happened interstate. We can’t assist with things that happen interstate, so I provide the caller with some information about relevant services in their area that might be able to assist.

1.00 PM

Lunchtime! I’m not a big breakfast person, but I try to bring either a homemade salad or leftovers for lunch most days. I take a seat in the kitchen with some of my colleagues and open the book I’m reading at the moment. One of my colleagues asks me about it, and we have a chat about books. Another colleague sits down and we chat about the upcoming lunch and learn session she is running on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice.

1.30 PM

Lunch is finished and my intake shift is over, so time to get stuck into some of my complaints.

A young professional at the office hallway

I put on my headphones and listen to an indie-folk playlist while I write some initial letters to the parties for a disability service complaint.

2.00 PM

Next on my list is a case summary to provide to the medical board to jointly consider a complaint about a medical practitioner. I review and summarise all the medical records, the complaint, the response and some third party advice, draft a recommendation and give it to the Commissioner to review.

3.00 PM

I have tricky children and young people service complaint, so I pop into the Commissioner’s office to discuss our approach. The Commissioner thinks it might be suitable to refer to conciliation, so I liaise with one of my conciliator colleagues to discuss the file and a possible handover.

3.30 PM

The Commissioner comes around to ask me to have a look at some proposed legislative amendments that have implications for the Human Rights Commission. I read through the proposal and the relevant legislation, take notes and email my feedback to her and the Human Rights team.

4.00 PM

The Commissioner has asked me to attend a round table on LGBTIQA+ issues. I go along to the meeting with people from other organisations and areas of government to discuss key issues and areas of reform. I take notes and provide information about the Commission’s functions.

5.25 PM

Time to catch the bus home and pick up where I left off on my book.

6.00 PM

Tonight is a gym night, so I head over and listen to an audiobook while I work out.

7.00 PM

I pick up groceries on the way home, and have a quick shower while my partner makes dinner. I watch a show with my partner and we chat about our day.

9.00 PM

I still have some time before bed, so I work on some writing projects, catch up on life admin and do some training with my dogs.

Training the dogs

11.00 PM

Bedtime! I settle in with a cup of tea and, of course, a book.