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Corporate Social Responsibility at AECOM

8.2 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 92 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
The company is highly committed to CSR. The company arranges different events and supports employees with 8 hours of voluntary leave to have an impact on society.
Graduate, Brisbane
Fund raising initiatives
Graduate, Mackay
High priority on projects and in the workplace
Graduate, Newcastle
I appreciate AECOM's commitment to sustainability, combatting climate change and our reconciliation action plan.
Professional, Brisbane
Seems pretty performative at times. Great that they won't work with certain companies that don't align with CSR (ie. projects involving coal mining) but they don't hold the same standards for working with projects were there is more money involved (ie. Saudi projects). However, they would be better than most consultancies and I like how they do pro bono projects.
Graduate, Sydney
AECOM says it's committed to CSR and ESG however there needs to be more transparency around the type of role and how it's measured with respect to ESG as in actual measured impact and assessed outcomes.
Graduate, Melbourne
Growing commitment to CSR
Early Professional, Brisbane
I'm actually involved in the company's CSR program, known as the Give Back Program. It's still a working progress, but theres definitely interest in developing it up.
Professional, Sydney
Probably great, though I'm unfamiliar with CSR.
Graduate, Sydney
The company allows 8 hours of paid volunteer days a year and organises great volunteering events
Graduate, Auckland
We have social clubs and events to volunteer and support many initiatives.
Graduate, Townsville
Yes, very committed to always staying committed to clients beyond just the work we deliver.
Graduate, Sydney
Volunteer day each year, meet up to $300 per year in donations each person through a program
Graduate, Melbourne
AECOM's CSR is quite ingrained. In my first few months of being there, I was helping to research embodied carbon in hopes of putting together an informative piece for the wide B+P group.
Graduate, Perth
Very active within the CSR space.
Graduate, Perth
The company provides 8 hours of volunteer leave to encourage employees to volunteer and the option for us to donate a portion of our salary to an organisation of our choice
Professional Engineer, Sydney
Clearly making business decision with social governance in mind
Graduate, Sydney
There's always something happening on this space. Anyone can organize a CSR event and use overhead ours to cover the time. 8hours/year
Professional Engineer, Auckland