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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
It generally takes about 5-7 years to progress to Director. Promotion is based on performance in the current role and future potential.
Executive, NSW - Invalid Date
Given the current growth of Aldi, there is opportunity to progress. However I would expect that this process would be similar to that when applying - you have to be exceptional at what you do and be willing to work hard.
Graduate, ACT - Invalid Date
As expected it is not easy to progress. It is subjective to the leader's perception. There can be a lack of transparency relating to performance indicators for promotion.
Executive, VIC - Invalid Date
You need to excel in your role but also display the competencies of the position above. There are multiple positions to move into in varied areas of the business, each requiring different skill sets.
Midlevel, VIC - Invalid Date
Promotions are there for those employees who can demonstrate a strong ability to lead their team and achieve results. Age is not a factor in promotional opportunities and they are given to the most suitable employees. You generally need to be willing to move as there are only so many Director positions within the company.
Midlevel, NSW - Invalid Date
The business is only looking for exceptional people to promote. It already takes on a very high quality of candidate already so there is strong competition.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
There is the possibility for promotion. This depends on what you are suitable for, the location, your results and the relationship with your direct leader. The online performance tools and psychometric testing help to create a level playing field across regions.
Midlevel, SA - Invalid Date
Promotion possibilities definitely exist for high performing and motivated employees as most promotions come from within. We set high expectations for performance and generally have high performing staff; so the best of the best will have the opportunity to be promoted.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
Strong performance is recognised in the company. It is not necessarily how long you have been in a role but what you do with it that decides promotions. As the company has a very flat structure promotions aren't frequent.
Entry level, SA - Invalid Date
Promotional opportunities are provided but it takes the right combination of skills, experience and personality for the right opportunity.
Experienced, ACT - Invalid Date