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Culture at ALDI Australia

7.4 rating for Culture, based on 34 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
The company's structure is extremely flat; it is only three steps from my level to the head of Australia. Teamwork is critical, we have regular meetings to determine the strategy for the business and assist one another when on leave. I have great colleague relationships.
Executive, NSW - Invalid Date
ALDI is a very high performing company that values results and work ethic over experience. The management framework is far better than any I have seen in small business and top 100 ASX companies. There is little ambiguity and a huge focus has been put on developing a strong culture and instilling this in new staff.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
Professional, appropriate to the situation. The company structure is clear and the upper management is consistent and disciplined.
Midlevel, VIC - Invalid Date
Culture is generally good as we have close working relationships due to our lean structure. There can be times where departments have conflicting priorities but outcomes are always amicable and professional. Socialising with colleagues varies due to geographic distance but the team is supportive of one another. There is sometimes a lack of patience within our culture due to high expectations.
Midlevel, NSW - Invalid Date
Colleagues relationships can be very good and are mostly based on mutual respect. The expectation can be to work at home and long hours due to the amount of work distributed. However, working relationships are overall very good.
Midlevel, SA - Invalid Date
The culture is traditional and formal but sufficiently relaxed in the office. There is a flat structure, clear responsibilities, significant teamwork and socialising between colleagues when possible.
Experienced, SA - Invalid Date
There is a fair level of co-operation and the culture is certainly strong and embedded. The social aspect of the business is not common but enjoyable when it does occur.
Entry level, SA - Invalid Date
ALDI has a strong culture centred on the cooperative leadership of people. ALDI's culture consists of maintaining a focus on developing people towards common goals and ensuring that all employees are working within their specific job descriptions to ensure ultimate productivity and efficiency.
Experienced, NSW - Invalid Date
The company culture is one of promoting productivity, hard work and the development of people. It has a fairly flat structure but a very clear hierarchy. It is very important to respect the senior management. Teamwork exists but due to the autonomous nature of the role, it can appear selfish. There are good opportunities for team building and socialising.
Experienced, QLD - Invalid Date
ALDI operates with a very flat structure. This allows information to be communicated quickly across the business. My group of colleagues are very competitive and results driven. However, knowledge is shared amongst the group to improve the company as a whole. Socialising does happen but isn't frequent.
Midlevel, QLD - Invalid Date
I believe the culture has dramatically improved since I joined the company. ALDI has really focused on creating more of a safe environment for the team to share ideas, successes and failures. I feel that it is now moving towards a team mentality and less of a constant competition between peers.
Entry level, QLD - Invalid Date