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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
I am responsible for managing several multimillion dollar businesses and the people within them.
Executive, NSW - Invalid Date
Auditing functions, recruitment, sales forecasting, inventory management and human resource management are all part of the Area Manager/Graduate role.
Graduate, ACT - Invalid Date
My role as an Area Manager involves leading a team of dedicated and enthusiastic Store Managers. I have to motivate, encourage and guide them to ensure they are offering the best possible experience for our customers.
Experienced, SA - Invalid Date
My main duties involve managing people and dealing with personnel issues. Compliance and execution of company policies and procedures plays a critical role; as does business development.
Midlevel, SA - Invalid Date
I'm responsible for increasing sales, decreasing cost, improving business processes and managing, leading and developing my employees.
Experienced, SA - Invalid Date
You are responsible for the profitability of multimillion dollar businesses. You have to be a leader within your stores and drive them to constantly achieve. You are also responsible for compliance and a large percentage of your time is taken up with auditing the store to ensure they are meeting legal requirements.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
I am involved in auditing, training new and current staff, meeting KPI's, driving sales, solving customer complaints and transferring information.
Experienced, ACT - Invalid Date
The role is very fast paced and exposures you to challenges that develop you as a leader and professional. As an Area Manager/Graduate you will be responsible for 3-5 stores.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
The role entails managing and leading people in an area of three to five stores. It involves finding the right people, motivating them, and developing efficiencies within stores.
Midlevel, QLD - Invalid Date
As an Area Manager I am responsible for all personnel requirements in stores (such as recruitment and performance management). I am also required to ensure that my stores maintain a consistent standard and work towards achieving company goals, that are both financial and customer focused.
Midlevel, QLD - Invalid Date
Leadership of a number of separate business units (stores) to achieve the company strategy and objectives. It includes a number of management tasks. Management of personnel including recruitment, performance management and conflict resolution. Management of financials; balancing cost centres whilst maintaining an acceptable customer experience throughout stores. Project Management; involvement in national and regional based projects to improve the overall business.
Midlevel, QLD - Invalid Date