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7.6 rating for Management, based on 36 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
My leader is amazing, she has been a real inspiration and mentors me regularly. We have regular catch ups to discuss my performance and business strategy.
Executive, NSW - Invalid Date
The Directors are quite accessible to our department. We very rarely have contact with other Directors due to the flat structure.
Graduate, ACT - Invalid Date
My Direct Leader is very accessible and acts as a mentor. I appreciate that my leader highlights areas I need to improve that no other organization would address. Every employee also has a Personnel Leader who is responsible for hiring, discipline and promotion to avoid any bias. Performance feedback is fair and targets are obtainable.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
The culture at Aldi is outstanding, particularly amongst the Area Manager group who are supportive and team orientated. As part of the initial training there is regular and ongoing feedback as to how you are progressing and once you received your stores you have six monthly formal reviews. Moreover, there is contact with the Store Operations Directors as required.
Executive, VIC - Invalid Date
My Direct Leader is extremely accessible. We are governed by the ALDI Management System and each employee has a Direct Leader and a Personnel Leader. Communication channels are extremely clear and new Area Managers are provided with a mentor to guide them through the training process.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
The business has improved on giving consistent and transparent feedback in a structured environment. In the past there has been a lack of positive feedback, although this is changing in the company. I believe this culture did exist to ensure people do not become complacent.
Entry level, SA - Invalid Date
My Direct Leader has been a strong mentor for me and the Area Manager that trained me was attentive and patient. ALDI has excellent training!
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
I have a very good rapport with my manager - they let me do my job and always find a way to motivate me whilst making me feel supported.
Midlevel, NSW - Invalid Date
Top level management is very visible. I have great respect and belief in the people that run the company. Feedback is given on a regular basis. Formal feedback in the form of an appraisal occurs every six months.
Midlevel, QLD - Invalid Date
Executive Management very visible and the internal communication is clear and concise. Performance feedback is provided regularly.
Midlevel, QLD - Invalid Date