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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
As an Area Manager the company provided me with a 12 month training program before taking my area. This set me up for success and taught me everything I needed to perform my role.
Executive, NSW - Invalid Date
The training program is quite lengthy and varied which is great. You are moved all over the region to train and see how existing Area Managers work; which is a positive.
Graduate, ACT - Invalid Date
For the Area Manager role there is a trainee program which runs for approx. 1 year. During which you perform the role of all staff who work underneath your position. Each trainee has a mentor who is responsible for overseeing that person's training and success. Trainee's then spend time with multiple colleagues learning the role and covering their areas. In addition the company is investing in external programmes to further develop staff.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
Training is generally peer to peer. Although this allows knowledge to be shared it can lead to some inconsistencies as different trainers have different styles. There is also classroom based training by internal and extra bodies which is well received.
Midlevel, NSW - Invalid Date
External training that is provided is relevant to the job role. I also have the option to outsource training for myself if the job/task requires this.
Experienced, SA - Invalid Date
The Area Manager role has a 1 year training program and there is a 2 year training program for the Graduate position. Initially, there is a three month in store training where you start as a Store Assistant and move up to a Store Manager. Then you spend 9 months with other Area Managers: learning the role and covering their stores when they are on annual leave.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
There is a thorough 12 month training program that allows you to learn all necessary skills of the role prior to taking responsibility of an area. You will have an experienced Area Manager mentor who will work closely with you and support you right through your training.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
The Graduate training program provides an introduction to the whole company. From operations in stores and the warehouse, to understanding bookkeeping, accounting and payroll I provides a great starting point.
Graduate, VIC - Invalid Date
I have experienced good refresher courses on performance management and coaching. I find these to be invaluable.
Experienced, QLD - Invalid Date
Training program was 12 months on the job training. This developed practical skills such as handling equipment safely, technical skills such as managing payroll and leadership skills such as coaching and development.
Experienced - Invalid Date
The Graduate training program runs for two years and spends time in a number of departments. In addition to the on the job training, ALDI Academy is an online training resource to be completed throughout training.
Midlevel, QLD - Invalid Date
The formal training is excellent. The company is committed to improving our knowledge and offer professional development courses in Executive Coaching as well as an extensive training rotation in your first year through different areas of the business. I have improved my skills relating to leadership, coaching, oral presentation, networking, organization and time management.
Entry level, QLD - Invalid Date