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Working Hours at ALDI Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
The working week consists of a 45-50hour week with an 8:00am start and a 6:00pm finish. It is a requisite that the Area Manager closes (8:30pm finish) once a week, however a later start is permitted on this day.
Executive, NSW - Invalid Date
The role has some flexibility with start and finish times but this depends on the time of the year and workload.
Graduate, ACT - Invalid Date
We are required to work 45-50 hours per week however this sometimes requires additional effort and time depending on business needs. Area Managers are responsible for planning their own time; including selecting days off each week.
Executive, VIC - Invalid Date
We work above and beyond the set hours whilst in training. There is autonomy in relation to deciding your days off. However, this role is definitely not for anyone looking for a Monday to Friday 9-5 job.
Graduate, VIC - Invalid Date
Flexibility is ok. We are able to choose our five days to work each week as part of a cover system. It is required that an Area Manager works three weekend days per month. The working hours can be long at certain periods in the first few years but gets easier as you get more efficient.
Executive, VIC - Invalid Date
At high work times, a day can be 7a.m.-6p.m. or occasionally longer. ALDI allows flexibility of hours as long as the work is being delivered on time to the expected standard.
Experienced, SA - Invalid Date
I am contracted to 45-50 hours per week and an Area Manager must be available at all times during store operating hours. Some weeks are busy and I may be required to work 60-70 hours and other weeks can range from 35-45hrs. The number of hours really depends on what is happening in the stores. The positive aspect of the role is that you work what you need to in order to deliver the results and successful lead your team. This also means that you must be extremely self-motivated and disciplined.
Experienced, VIC - Invalid Date
The inherent requirements of the job are 45-50 hours a week. However, realistically there will be more hours depending on what occurs each week. The company is flexible with hours, so long as the job is completed to an exceptional standard.
Graduate, VIC - Invalid Date
ALDI is flexible with when you work but less flexible with how many hours you work. It is not consistent as some weeks you work 60+ hours and others 45.
Experienced, ACT - Invalid Date
My work hours are good, but I am on a smaller contract of only forty hours due to coming back on flexible work arrangements after maternity leave. There are certain strict requirements for the role such as one weekend a month and one late night a week.
Experienced, QLD - Invalid Date
Once you have completed training ALDI is very flexible with the hours worked; so long as you hit the minimum hours and the work required is completed.
Midlevel, QLD - Invalid Date
The role is quite dynamic and working hours will vary depending on the workload allocated by the direct leader. Additionally, workload increases based on the level of experience.
Midlevel, QLD - Invalid Date