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Arnold Bloch Leibler

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Crosby Radburn

6.20 am

Crawl out of bed. Make a coffee and spring to life. Get ready for work.

7.00 am

Cycle into the city, early enough to beat the Sydney traffic. Lock my bike up in the office bike cages. Walk to the gym and do an hour-long workout which gets me mentally prepped for the day.

Arnold Bloch Leibler Graduate Crosby Radburn bike

8.30 am

Stroll back to the office, shower, suit up and make myself coffee number 2 for the day (double shot flat white).

9.00 am

Eat breakfast (overnight oats – how’s that for preparation?) at my desk. Read and reply to any client or internal emails that arrived in my inbox overnight (or any emails I didn’t have the courage to respond to the previous evening). Glance over the Australian Financial Review for a few minutes and read any articles that jump out at me.

9.30 am

Read over a term sheet a client sent through for a new property finance deal. While reading, try to understand the client’s motivations for the deal. If it’s a new client, I do some research into the client’s business. Annotate the term sheet with comments I have for my partner and for our client.

Arnold Bloch Leibler Graduate Crosby Radburn office


A colleague pops into my office. We have a quick yarn about whatever exciting thing we’ve done over the weekend – be it hiking, scuba diving or competing in a triathlon. Finance lawyers try to mix it up! I then get back to reviewing the term sheet and conduct the relevant ASIC and PPSR searches.

Arnold Bloch Leibler Graduate Crosby Radburn partners-office

10.30 am

I go into my partner’s office. We have general chit chat (and plan for our next Yoga session together later in the week) then prepare for our 11:30 am call with the client to get detailed instructions on the new transaction.

11.30 am

Call the client with my partner. We are provided with background to the new matter and then discuss the term sheet generally and any specific points we need clarification on.

12.30 pm

Return to my office. Respond to a number of emails that have landed in my inbox. Make a phone call in relation to a refinance settlement occurring later in the week.

1.00 pm

Lunch time. I take my premade lunch down to the botanical gardens with a friend. We chill in the sun and chat about our weekend and how it’s pretty awesome the most iconic spot in Sydney is across the road to our office.

1.40 pm

Grab coffee number 3 for the day, tell myself I should really cutdown my caffeine intake, and head back to the office.

I search our document management system and locate a loan agreement which was previously drafted for this particular client. It looks appropriate for the new transaction, so I use it as a template and start drafting the loan agreement based on the term sheet and prior conversations with the client.

3.30 pm

I receive settlement figures for the property settlement scheduled for later in the week. After reviewing the figures, I provide to client for their review and pray that I haven’t made any calculation errors (never thought I’d use maths as a lawyer!).

I respond to several other emails.

4.00 pm

Back to drafting the loan agreement. The term sheet contains several bespoke terms, so I call a colleague who has previously worked on a similar transaction in the past and she provides me with some suggestions on the best way to draft the particular clause. She also sends me the loan agreement she previously drafted to assist. Grateful to have support of such intelligent colleagues.

6.00 pm

First draft of the loan agreement is complete! Feels pretty good. I print out the document and place it on my desk so I can review with a fresh pair of eyes the following morning.

I do another sweep of my inbox and reply to various emails.

6.15 pm

One of the emails relates to a series of defaults under an existing loan agreement.  We are requested to issue a demand on a defaulting borrower.

I draft the notice of demand and send to one of the litigation partners for their review.

7.00 pm

I complete my time sheet for the day, get changed into activewear then make my way down to the bike sheds.  I put on a podcast (today it was an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience) and then commence the ride home.

7.45 pm

After arriving home, I chat with my house mates, have a quick shower and then make my way into the kitchen to cook dinner (which doubles as tomorrow’s lunch – master of preparation didn’t I mention). I also make overnight oats for tomorrow’s breakfast.

9.30 pm

After packing my bag for the next morning, I slide into bed and watch Netflix for 30-ish minutes before switching off the light.