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What It Does: As the largest aerospace establishment, Boeing designs and maintains generational aeroplanes, military systems, and space travel tools for a global clientele.
Mission: Boeing aims to become a friendly and protective aerospace conveyor to help inspire people to explore the world and make lively connections. (along the way).
Size and Presence: Boeing currently employs around 142,000 people in 38 locations across the United States.
Best Known For: Boeing is popularly known as a frontier producer of assorted aeronautic technology with most of their aerospace innovations garnering trust and popular acclaim. It is one of the most loved companies worldwide.
The good bits: Boeing has a competitive advantage of a global reach in sales and production with its facilities distributed worldwide. It has also managed profitable partnerships with its competitors.
The not-so-good bits: Work/life balance could be quite difficult as some employees have had to complain about working long hours. 

The Boeing Story 

Boeing’s popularly known as the world’s largest aerospace manufacturer but it wasn’t always that way at the start. It was founded by William E. Boeing was inspired after he collaborated with Conrad Westervelt on a double-seater seaplane named B&W.
Boeing Airplane company was renamed in 1917 and engineered naval flying boats during the 1st World War. In the 20s and 30s, it sold military aerospace equipment including torpedo planes and observation craft to the U.S army.
Following its early inception, Boeing started falling behind its competitors causing a change in its production of cheaper propeller-driven planes.
Through the decades, it has finally set a balance between its production businesses. These lines are; commercial aeroplanes, defense, space, and security, and Boeing global services all of which are supported by Boeing Capital Corporation.
For over a century, it has championed a diverse team and continues to increase its production and service lines. They are currently amongst the most admired companies worldwide with the most diverse team. 

Culture and Vibes

Boeing leads a diversely skilled team that can function with an effective cultural preference. To get every member of the team working in the right direction, Boeing holds 9 principles that form aspects of their culture.
These principles are; integrity, quality, safety, diversity & inclusion, trust and respect. corporate citizenship, and stakeholder success. All of these principles are intertwined with each other providing a platform for sustainable success.
Working at Boeing has a real supportive element to it with the managers being active listeners and the biggest supporters. The diverse nature of the workforce makes for a colourful multicultural experience. Everyone is accepted in Boeing and has a real chance to grow and thrive. 

Recruitment Process

Boeing, an equal opportunity employer receives thousands of applications for every vacant position. There are five recruitment processes at Boeing with each one aimed at testing specific aspects of the graduate or intern skillset.
Recruitment for graduates and interns begins with completing an online application form. The form is crucial to provide a base representation of the applicant's qualities and how they fit into such roles.
After submitting application forms, candidates are required to practice
Graduates and intern applicants who complete the aptitude tests are passed on a telephone interview. This interview gives employees leeway to display their skills and potential as they are competency-based.
online aptitude tests. These tests are divided into; situational judgment tests, numerical reasoning tests, and technical tests.
The next step from the telephone interview is the assessment centre where graduates and interns get to enjoy a first-hand experience of what working at Boeing feels like.
This assessment aims to examine the applicant's ability to work in a team and successfully collaborate with teammates. Graduates and interns are also required to make presentations of the solutions they aim to proffer.
The final stage of the recruitment process is the final interviews which should last about half an hour. This session is an opportunity for graduates or interns to express themselves and profit from meeting high-level professionals in their fields.
Overall, the interview process makes graduates and interns more than ready to function in their capacity at the company. 

Career Prospects

A career at Boeing presents a lifetime experience of creating lasting networks, developing exceptional ideas, and revelling in glowing innovation.
Entry-level graduates and interns who join Boeing enjoy a unique advantage from the start. From the start of the work experience, graduates and interns are exposed to real-time collaboration on cutting-edge projects that improve their skills while helping them enjoy a fun time.
They claim to offer rotational programs that'll open a portal for innovative learning and grant graduates a platform to express their skills on real-time projects. These programs are designed to merge graduates and interns with mentors who steer them in a direction of success. Graduates and interns also enjoy virtual or physical networking and community-building programs. 


Entry-level remuneration for an engineer at Boeing is around $95,574 annually while interns earn around $58,927 per year, 


  • Executive compensation and benefits
  • Competitive pay
  • Paid parental leave
  • Leave of absence
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Tutoring for children
  • Mentoring, coaching, and professional networking
  • Rotational and development programs
  • Tax-advantaged accounts
  • Saving for retirement
  • Health care and dental coverage

Social Contributions 

In the last 10 years, Boeing has invested around $60B in new game-changing technologies. They also understand the impact of fuels on the atmospheric ecosystem.
In new models of their planes, they’ve reduced gaseous emissions by 15-25% through innovative technological practices.
To further strengthen their desire for sustainability, 90% of the newer Boeing generations are obtained from recycled materials.
Boeing also claims to enjoy proactiveness in proffering solutions. This is evident in their ecoDemonstrator Program. This program allows Boeing to design new technologies that answer aircraft problems and test them in real time. This way they maintain the standards of their engineering while maintaining devotion to adding value through the services they provide. 


Following the death of around 346 passengers in March 2019, airlines worldwide bound the Boeing 738 max from the operation. Over 52 operators had grounded the plane already.
The air certification of the Max was investigated and the results were even more flawed. These flaws were in the aircraft's computer and cockpit displays.
The Federal Aviation Administration retracted Boeing's certificate of airworthiness for the aircraft and fined the company for trying to bend the aircraft inspectors.

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