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Sarah Blagrove

Working with the environment and sustainability team, I help manage the impact of our projects activities on the environment and on natural resources.

How long have you been with BYCA and what is it about the company that makes you excited?

I joined BYCA as an environment graduate in October 2015 on the NorthConnex (NCX) Project in Sydney. It was a big move as I’d been working in agricultural research in Queensland when I applied for the position, but knew it was a great opportunity to join a well-respected international company on one of Sydney’s largest tunnelling and construction projects.

Working for BYCA provides so many opportunities including the ability to work across a diverse range of construction portfolios, such as structures and buildings, civil engineering, tunnelling and energies and services.

Socially, it’s been great too. We have a BYCA Women’s Network where we catch up quarterly and their CSR initiatives have allowed me to spend a day sailing on Sydney Harbour and be part of corporate teams for events such as City2Surf.

What does a day in the life of Sarah look like?

Working with the environment and sustainability team, I help manage the impact of our projects activities on the environment and on natural resources. Our involvement stems from the beginning of a project with its design and construction, through to the operation and maintenance stages.

I get to work with many different teams and professions who work on the projects, from community relations teams to site engineers. Together, we develop solutions to ensure environmental impacts are minimized. Working with the talent and support of BYCA’s staff members has provided me with invaluable knowledge, skills and experience.

What is it about your role and the construction industry that you enjoy?

Environmental engineering and science is a highly dynamic profession which has challenged me both personally and professionally. It is exciting, fast paced, inspiring and even overwhelming at times! I started with an open mind and really had no preconceptions - I was just excited to put my university degree to work.

With BYCA I have been exposed to countless situations which require many skills to orchestrate highly demanding, and often difficult situations, enhancing my problem solving skills and ability to achieve a high standard of results. Now working as an Environmental Coordinator, I get the opportunity to manage my own sites, make assessments and provide customized work schedules.

The prospect of leaving a legacy with what we create and how we achieve it is very important to me. By continually thinking about what we do and how we achieve this is paramount for a progressive and exciting future within the industry.

What are you future aspirations and where would you like your career to take you?

Working for an international company I hope to explore all the opportunities that BYCA have on offer – I would be excited to travel and work overseas. I also want to become fluent in French which is a little easier when you have some French colleagues.

I know I’m working for a company that will support my future aspirations and believe that with BYCA, I can be part of creating a positive legacy for future generations as the demands of future construction, across all sectors, will need to address environmental aspects.

What are the three pieces of advice you would give yourself if you were starting your studies again?

  1. Get out of your comfort zone.
  2. Experience a new city, even if its work experience or a short internship – get as much field experience as you can while you are studying! This may save valuable time looking for the perfect fit in your chosen field.
  3. Take the time to reflect on your challenges and mistakes, in order to really learn from them.