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  • 500 - 1,000 employees

Disability Support at Cenitex

Our DAP aims to position Cenitex as a leader in the Victorian Public Service in inclusive employment practices for people with disability

As part of the Cenitex 1-3-5 Corporate strategy, inclusiveness is one of the key traits we want to see reflected through the Right Culture program. The DAP (Disability Action Plan) will provide a framework for the organisation to ensure an inclusive and disability equitable workplace, it will strengthen people with disability’s advancement opportunities. We are committed to celebrating and advancing our diversity, and fostering a workplace which is genuinely inclusive.


  • Cenitex has been chosen as the recipient of the Enablers Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Department or Agency. ​
  • Disability Stream Lead Duane Whitlock presents to VPS forums on Microsoft Accessibility.​
  • Establish Disability IT assistance line (DIAL) for our customers who request ICT reasonable adjustment.​
  • Robust and reasonable review, update and implementation of “Reasonable Adjustments Process” which is offered to all candidates for the employment process.​
  • Review & revise job descriptions, targeting job requirements that may create barriers to entry for people with disabilities. ​
  • Partnership with Specialisterne to provide Autism awareness Training.​

Acknowledged Dates of Significance: ​

Key Focus Areas

  • Increase the representation of people with disability across the entire organisation by identifying special measures roles.​
  • Welcome and encourage people with disability to work at Cenitex by distribution of your vacancies to AND and JobAccess and to broaden search processes to attract people with disabilities, in leadership positions.​
  • Identify key issues (employment, access and culture) of people with disability, through partnerships with Job Access and Australian Network of Disability. ​
  • Providing LIVE CAPTONER to ensure Cenitex online events and workshops are accessible to people with disability and accessibility features promoted as standard in all advertising materials.​
  • Provide Unconscious Bias and Disability Confidence training for hiring managers, and those on interview and short-listing panels.​
  • Consult with Cenitex colleagues  with disability in Partnership with Expression Australia to provide Deaf Awareness Training (DAT) and Auslan sign language to all staff.​
  • Re-design and publish the Disability Action Plan to include on the Cenitex Website.​