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  • 500 - 1,000 employees

Gender Equality at Cenitex

In line with our 1-3-5 Strategy, Cenitex is committed to celebrating and advancing our diversity, and to fostering a genuinely inclusive workplace.


  • Development opportunities for 10 women to attend/facilitate Women in Leadership Summit, 7 leaders in Women & Leadership Australia, 2 women in the Emerging Leaders program with Dream Collective.
  • Endorsement/acknowledgment of Cenitex Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) by the Commission for Gender Equality and is published on the Cenitex Website with goals and achievements.
  • Develop, promote and support programs for ICT and STEM careers through DJPR Digital Jobs program, Code Like a Girl and Women in STEM Cadetship.
  • Create a safe environment for employees to raise awareness through sharing of personal stories and raising our workplace standards by partnership with Work 180.
  • #IStandForRespect pledge signed by the CEO Frances Cawthra.

 Proudly endorsed employer by WORK180

Acknowledged Dates of Significance

  • International Women’s Day,
  • Ada Lovelace day.

Empowering Women

The ICT industry’s average workforce of 20% women drops even further when one considers more senior roles. We are proud to say that we are kicking goals with our Board of Directors, Executive Leadership Team and General Managers, of whom 50% are women.  At Cenitex, we are tracking a bit higher at 21% but we know we can do much better.  This is why we have the Women in Cenitex Forum.  The Forum is committed to building the diversity of our organisation through affirmative action programs and opportunities that support the career growth of our female staff and giving them a voice. Initiatives include networking and professional development events, activities that raise the awareness of the importance of gender equality in the workforce, flexible working arrangements and support networks across the organisation so women can share, learn from, and encourage each other. 

Meet some of our Women leaders here

Women in Cenitex Forum

Women in Cenitex expand the conversation beyond topics such as pay parity and addresses broader and more complex social issues, such as the compromise women still make when juggling a career with parental responsibilities, and the enduring and widely-held perception that ICT is a 'no-go' area for girls. We encourage you to apply to our Graduate Program to join our exciting journey as part of our commitment to building a gender-diverse workplace.

Engaging men in gender equality

Achieving real, systemic and sustained change, needs to have women involved and driving the change alongside men.  Cenitex is working hard to ensure that culture and gender diversity are completely embedded in our culture, attitudes and importantly, policies.

Women in Cenitex is open to men as well and we warmly welcome all men who are committed to diversity to come and work alongside us to develop an equitable and inclusive workplace. 

Upcoming Events

  • Ada Lovelace day
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.