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Cenitex Videos

Cenitex Hackathon

As a Graduate you are encouraged to participate in numerous great events such as the Cenitex Hackathon. Last year's winning team included Vineet Bang, a Graduate who had only been with the business for a few months.

Cenitex Connect

Cenitex Connect is an in-person exhibition where people come together to reconnect with each other in a new and innovative way.

The Opportunity The Graduate Program Has Provided Me

Tom shares how the grad program has helped him find his current role at Cenitex.

Breaking The Bias For International Women's Day

Nikkia, a Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor, shares what it means to break the bias.

Improving Diversity And Inclusion At Cenitex

Our Director of Culture & Capability Rebecca Gauci-Maurici explains the positive impact all the hard work and commitment to Diversity & Inclusion is having across Cenitex.

What I Love About Working at Cenitex

Matt shares with us his experience to date on the Graduate Program.

Why I Work At Cenitex

Bianca describes Cenitex as the fairest, most supportive and most gender and culturally diverse organisation that she has ever worked in.

What I Love About Cenitex and the Graduate Program

Eunice shares her positive experience of the cenitex Graduate Rotation Program.

Hear What Our Recent Graduates Think Of Our Rotation Program

Cenitex Graduates explain what they love about the Graduate Rotation Program.

A Day In The Life Of A Cenitex Graduate

Jordan takes you through what his typical day looks like and how he is helping have a positive impact.