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Disability Support at Clayton Utz

Our objectives and priorities are set in our registered Accessibility & Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan.

We want to create an environment and culture at Clayton Utz that enables our people with all types of disability, and those who care for someone with a disability, to succeed.  We also want to improve accessibility and inclusion for our clients.  

We are proud to have registered our second Accessibility & Inclusion Action Plan with the Australian Human Rights Commission. 

As a silver member, we work closely with the Australian Network on Disability (AND) on internal education projects as well as participation in its general and Executive level Roundtables.   

In late 2020 we participated in AND's "A&I Index" – a benchmarking tool for inclusion of people with disability. It provided a unique opportunity for us to highlight gaps and drive access and inclusion outcomes across our whole organisation.  We were pleased to be ranked in the Top 10 of all participating organisations within Australia. 

We have an Accessibility & Inclusion Interest Group which raises awareness about A&I issues at a grassroots level.  It drives some of our activity, including a regular "Accessibility Bytes" internal newsletter and acknowledgement of key dates such as International Day of People with Disability.  

A current focus for us is digital accessibility, and we are building awareness throughout the Firm as to how we can ensure our digital products are accessible to everyone, including people with disability or impairment.   

Bridget Cochrane-Holley, Melbourne Stepping Into Program Intern

"It has been such a rewarding experience to complete a ‘Stepping Into’ internship with Clayton Utz through the firm's partnership with the Australian Network on Disability. 

Having a leading commercial law firm like Clayton Utz show leadership in actively engaging with and providing opportunities to students and young professionals with disabilities is a very encouraging indication of how the legal landscape is expanding to become more accessible and diverse..

Through my internship, I have been able to apply theory to practice, bringing knowledge from my degree into the workplace. I have also had the opportunity to develop and add to my skill set through meaningful work with real-world impact - helping clients who are building major public infrastructure, as a member of the Major Projects and Construction team, for example, as well as acting on pro bono matters through the Pro Bono practice. 

My internship has also allowed me to become more familiar with the accessibility features that I require for the transition to full-time office work, and engage with the firm's  Health and Wellbeing, People and Development and IT services to ensure that my office set-up suits my needs. To know that my workplace is open, supportive and accommodating in this regard is incredibly empowering. 

I have met so many warm, enthusiastic, and supportive people at Clayton Utz, and I'm looking forward continuing to build on my internship experience as a casual paralegal."