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Daimler Truck and Bus

  • 100 - 500 employees

Daimler Truck and Bus Videos

Freightliner Cascadia 'For the Road Ahead'

For those who want to be ready and equipped to seize new opportunities, the all-new Freightliner Cascadia has arrived. Built and tested to unprecedented standards, with new levels of safety, comfort and fuel efficiency, the Cascadia is ready and capable for whatever lies ahead.

Daimler Truck and Bus Industry Day

Fully electric with batteries and fuel cells: By the year 2039, Daimler Trucks & Buses aims only to offer new vehicles that are locally CO2-neutral in driving operation (tank-to-wheel) in its core markets of Europe, Japan and the NAFTA region.

Fuso Job Done Sizzle 2021

The all-new Fuso-Rosa. The best just got better.

Mercedes Benz Actros

The new Actros. Everyone talks, one delivers.

Daimler Truck AG | Our Purpose

Our Purpose: For all who keep the world moving.

Driven by creativity - Daimler corporate movie 2016

The Daimler corporate movie 2016 was shot in a Berlin warehouse. Daimler employees with very different talents and hobbies came together from all over the world. Right from the start the atmosphere was very friendly - a unique experience for all those involved.

Daimler Knowledge College - english

For the Daimler Knowledge College, we are inviting students who are currently enrolled in universities or colleges to attend workshops at Daimler and therewith satisfy their thirst for additional knowledge.