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Niv Sarma

8.00 AM

Arrive at the client site. I’m totally a morning person so I love getting into work early! This is my zen time before everyone gets in at 9 am. I start with checking my emails, planning client workshops and organising my day.

Deloitte Graduate Niv Sarma checking emails

9.00 AM

My favourite time of the day – Ranting about the latest Bachelor Australia episode and all the drama with one of my colleagues at our favourite coffee shop.

Deloitte Graduate Niv Sarma chatting with a friend at her favorite coffee shop

10.00 AM

Daily team stand-up time! We talk through what we did yesterday, what our priorities are today and raise any blockers stopping us from moving forward. This time is so helpful in kick-starting a productive day and helps us keep each other accountable for the tasks we commit to. More importantly, it helps us support one another – that’s what a team is for right?

11.00 AM

A quick catch-up with my team lead to go through the client requirements document and get feedback from him. I always prioritize catching up with my lead frequently to make sure that I am on the right track.

Deloitte Graduate Niv Sarma catching up with team lead

12.00 PM

I know I brought lunch from home today, but I was really craving favourite cheese and spinach Turkish Borek from Melbourne’s Victoria Market. To justify that, it was a lovely 18-degree, sunny day in Melbourne (I know, what a shocker) – how could I not?  

Deloitte Graduate Niv Sarma eating borek

2.00 PM

Fighting my food coma, it’s time to catch up with the CRM functional lead to ask a few questions and get an overview of the functionalities that the system can offer. As a Business Analyst, I’m always liaising with the business and tech teams to translate business requirements into technical artefacts.

Deloitte Graduate Niv Sarma with functional lead

3.00 PM

Almost the end of the day – where did time go! I spend the last couple of hours completing the requirements document and drafting the agenda for the next client workshop that I have to facilitate.

One thing that pleasantly surprised me about being a Grad at Deloitte is that you’ve NEVER treated like an ‘intern’ or some kid who is just out of Uni. You feel supported and trusted from day one. I’ve always been given responsibilities and tasks like a regular Consultant would. Although the tasks are sometimes challenging, everyone around is extremely helpful and genuinely cares about your career growth.

4.45 PM

I finish up the last few tasks on my to-do list and pack up. Tonight, I am catching up with a few colleagues who are also at the same client but work from a different location. Work-life balance is something extremely important to Deloitte and myself, so I always make sure to do something fun and relaxing after a hard but productive day at work.

Deloitte Graduate Niv Sarma with colleagues