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Management at Department of Defence

7.6 rating for Management, based on 40 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Mine have been fantastic in all regards. Accommodating, flexible, prompt and organised.
Midlevel, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Direct managers are very good and supportive for innovation/more responsibility.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Very good mentor, it was easy to ask both technical and non-technical questions. Only con was that they seem to have lot of tasks in their hands most of the time, finding right time slot see the manager was sometimes difficult.
Graduate, Edinburgh - 11 Oct 2022
Yes. Great mentors. More easily accessible when working in the office compared to working from home.
Graduate, Sydney - 11 Oct 2022
Every manager I have had has been wonderful and really great mentors. I can't fault them.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
I have had great manages throughout my time in Defence. They have provided ample feedback, recognition, and guidance.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Direct managers and supervisors in my team are fantastic - seeking to continuously support my learning and development.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Managers are responsible to feedback from myself -- if i feel like there isn't enough work or that i don't understand it enough, they'll make an effort to change that. They are always available to have a chat about the technical aspects of work as well.
Graduate, Adelaide - 12 Oct 2022
Managers have been very supportive of graduate professional development. Praise and constructive feedback have also generally been good. There is at times a lack of work given though and little plan for what to do with graduates.
Graduate, Canberra - 12 Oct 2022
Supervisor was very down to earth. We had similar personalities and humor so we got along very well. Made a good mentor and communication was easy. Supervisor was able to teach and provide good feedback.
Graduate, Sydney - 19 Oct 2022