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Training & Personal Development at Department of Defence

7.3 rating for Training, based on 37 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
As a grad it is quite poorly managed. Far better once full time and you have more control and time to do extra training.
Midlevel, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Graduate training program is very good.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Formal contracted training is high quality and use people who have been in the industry for added experience. Online Defence training is mediocre as a lot of online courses can be out of date.
Graduate, Adelaide - 11 Oct 2022
Allowing me time to acclimatise to the new work area and providing seminars, reading material and advice/guidance to any questions I have
Graduate, Adelaide - 11 Oct 2022
There are numerous training and development opportunities both online and in person.
Graduate, Sydney - 11 Oct 2022
Training opportunities are good however ability to find these, navigate the online platform and suggestions from graduate team are very limited.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Some areas do development sessions for the whole branch, other areas have orientation days for newbies and regular training anyone can sign up for. On a more individual level, if you ask you can usually do role shadowing or other development activities.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Lots of really great training and development programmes to sign up to. I have really enjoyed a Public Policy course where I have learned how to write briefs.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Most formal training is conducted online and suffers from lack of engagement between students and teachers. Face to face and on the job training is usually very good.
Graduate, Sydney - 11 Oct 2022
On the job training is good, formal training is a bit lacking and not enough to help new starters settle in well and understand how the organisation works.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
There are many training sessions on specific skills (particularly people and psych-related skills, such as resilience and communicating with effect). However, much of the training is "tick and flick" online courses, rather than meaningful programs (preferably ran face-to-face with other peers).
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Online and face-to-face learning available if required
Graduate, Adelaide - 11 Oct 2022
A range of online self paced training and instructor led face-to-face training courses are on offer and highly encouraged for all staff to participate in. There is a strong culture towards continuous learning and skill development.
Graduate, Canberra - 12 Oct 2022
Formal training has been quite good, mainly specific training focused on the job area at the time, in areas including critical thinking and policy analysis. Offsite training opportunities are very good.
Graduate, Canberra - 13 Oct 2022
Formal training is incredible. Informal within my team has taken a bit.
Graduate, Canberra - 14 Oct 2022
The Department recommends that graduates take up training opportunities, but often the teams are so busy that they struggle to facilitate as many opportunities as other Departments.
Graduate, Canberra - 17 Oct 2022
Paid learning opportunities, lots of continuous training session run by the area.
Graduate, Canberra - 20 Oct 2022
Some areas have set training that they make new employees do. Others I had to source training myself to learn the area.
Graduate, Canberra - 27 Oct 2022