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Working Hours at Department of Defence

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
This varies on team but I spend 5 days at the office but could WFH 1-2 days per week if I wanted.
Graduate, Adelaide - 11 Oct 2022
Flexible work arrangements are a big plus and is encouraged!
Graduate, Adelaide - 11 Oct 2022
They are very flexible in allowing early/later starts, the ability to work from home when convenient and also to be able to work in life commitments around work hours (kids, house renovations, doctors appointments etc.) This allows for a much better work/life balance
Graduate, Adelaide - 11 Oct 2022
As an APS graduate you have access to flex time, so provided you make the arrangements with your supervisor you can complete the required hours between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday and are able to accrue flex hours to have half day Fridays or take a day off.
Graduate, Nowra, NSW - 11 Oct 2022
My supervisor is fairly flexible about it, and my last supervisor was even more so. If I want to work from home, that's fine, though I prefer coming into the office.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
It totally depends on your team. Some teams can be flexible while others need certain hours. Some teams you will only work from 8:30-4:30 each day, but in others sometimes extra hours will be required.
Graduate, Canberra - 11 Oct 2022
Defence public servants work 37.5 hours per week. Under our enterprise agreement the hours worked per day are flexible and it is possible to accrue a "flexitime" credit to take time off later on. Start and finish times are flexible, and most people do 7.5 hours between 7am and 7pm each day. Many employees work from home, however I personally work in the office every day mainly for the social benefits.
Graduate, Sydney - 11 Oct 2022
I work 0700-1500 and every manager I've had respects this decision. There have been moments where I've had to work past 1500 due to meetings, training opportunities or by personal choice and I've been able to use these hours to either take a day off or finish early in another day.
Graduate, Adelaide - 12 Oct 2022
Very flexible. We have the ability to complete our required hours anytime between 0700 and 1900, Monday to Friday. We also earn flex-time for any time worked over 7.5 hours daily. This can be used to have extra time off work.
Graduate, Canberra - 12 Oct 2022
Very flexible - standard public service flex time applies, which means that so long as you are meeting the total number of hours you're paid for, you can bank negative or positive time to take time off.
Graduate, Canberra - 14 Oct 2022
Very flexible and I can come in and leave when I do my hours. Flexible with taking hours during the day to do personal activities.
Graduate, Canberra - 27 Oct 2022