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Department of Education

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees


Supervisors want to see you thrive and encourage continuous development to reach your potential.      

What's your role in the department?

As part of the Strategy and Engagement team in the Australian Universities Accord Branch, my role is to provide secretariat support to the Accord Panel and Ministerial Reference Group, as well as assist in the coordination of stakeholder engagements and construct briefings in relation to these engagements.

My role also entails providing media and communications support to facilitate the distribution of information relating to the Accord for public viewing.

What's been the highlight of your experience in the Graduate Program?

There have already been several highlights in my Graduate Program experience. Undertaking the graduate certificate in Public Administration has been useful in further elevating my knowledge of public policy and how government works.

The networks you create in the department through the graduate cohort, members of your team/branch, as well as the broader department, become incredible connections to gauge various insights and experiences on different matters.

Lastly, the high-level support and guidance received from my supervisor has been a highlight. Supervisors want to see you thrive and encourage continuous development to reach your potential.      

What tips do you have for future grads considering the Education program?

My tip for future grads would be to apply for the program regardless of your degree background. The Education program takes graduates from a whole range of degree specialities and it’s exciting to learn the different backgrounds and stories of your fellow graduates. 

The work undertaken in the program is incredibly diverse and interesting, so there are various opportunities to complete tasks both relevant and non-relevant to your studies.

I would encourage future grads to consider the values and culture of the Department. The Department has a very positive, inclusive, and encouraging culture that makes the transition from study to employment much easier.