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Department of the Treasury

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Disability Support at Department of the Treasury

Treasury is committed to providing an accessible, inclusive work environment that empowers people with disability.

A Treasury workforce that reflects the diversity of Australians leads to better outcomes for all” 

Disability at Treasury

We’re committed to providing an accessible, inclusive work environment that enables people with disability to participate fully in all aspects of employment.

We recognise the valuable and unique contributions people with disabilities make to our workforce and society which is why we make sure disability is not a barrier to people joining or progressing their careers in our department. 

Workplace Adjustments
To enable all staff to thrive in their job, and our department, we are developing policies to offer workplaces adjustments, including where and how people work, work processes, practices and procedures. We work collaboratively with each staff member to ensure workplace adjustments are considered and developed according to their individual requirements and preferences. 

Key points, achievements and initiatives

  • Treasury is a Silver Member of the Australian Network on Disability.
  • Treasury’s Access and Inclusion Network (AIN) supports people with disability and promotes an accessible, inclusive work environment. The AIN provides peer support and identifies and implements actions to reduce barriers in the workplace.
  • The AIN host a variety of events in recognition of R U OK? Day and the International Day of People with Disability.
  • Treasury offers workplace adjustment services, involving changes to a work process, practice, procedure or environment that enables an employee to perform their job in a way that minimises the impact of disability.
  • Treasury is pursuing opportunities to support professional development in young neurodiverse Australians.

We have a long standing, proud partnership with Koomarri. Our partnership with Koomarri gives employment opportunities for people with intellectual disability and acquired brain injury. Staff who have been employed through our Koomarri partnership assist with administration services and work closely with our Executive Assistants Network.

Treasury is proud to partner with Koomarri, a diverse and inclusive workforce can harness the unique skills, attributes and backgrounds of all individuals and teams.  It fosters a work environment where there is opportunity for everyone to contribute, participate, and achieve their full potential.