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Imogen Lentfer-Jones

I like to start my mornings by doing something positive for myself, so I get up and go to the gym.

6.30 AM

My alarm wakes me up! I know I should get up, but I often opt to say warm for another few minutes (or half an hour) before getting out of bed. I like to start my mornings by doing something positive for myself, so I get up and go to the gym. Every good gym session finishes with an even better smoothie


8.30 AM

I make my way up to level 10 of EY Canberra, making sure to catch a glimpse of Lake Burley Griffin in the glass-walled elevator. I get myself set up at my desk (I’ve got a particular desk that I love, provided I remember to book it in time), check my emails, and get ready for the day.

9.00 AM

My first meeting of the day is a team check-in meeting with another consultant, where we can say good morning, check in on each other, and make sure we are on top of all the work we have to do for the day. We’re in the middle of intense fieldwork and research, so it’s important to make sure we’re in sync as a team so we can best support each other.

10.30 AM

Time for a coffee run! We’re spoiled for a choice of good coffee right near the EY Canberra office, but we also have our baristas in-house who can deliver coffee to order! I opt to go for a walk with my teammates to get coffee today and get some fresh air.


11.00 AM

Time for a committee meeting! I’m on a couple of internal office committees to support my colleagues and help contribute to the fantastic office culture. Today’s committee meeting is for EYWomen, a committee where we work to elevate the voices and stories of women in the workplace!


12.30 PM

Lunchtime! Today, I am going out with a work friend to get some ph! While I try my best to meal prep, it’s nice to spend some time with friends during the workday and get out of the office for a nice lunch. We have a few minutes to spare, so when we return to the office, I pop into the break room for a quick cup of tea and a chat with some friends from other service lines!


2.00 PM

Time for a client meeting. In my current engagement, we get to meet with stakeholders from all over Australia, so today we are holding our meeting on Teams. Even though the meeting is virtual, the team will still get together in person to debrief and discuss our next steps following the meeting! It’s great to be able to work and connect flexibly.

3.00 PM

Time to focus and tick off that to-do list. I make myself another cup of tea and put on my headphones to get some work done. I’ve found a great playlist that is insanely motivating. This afternoon, I’m focusing on process mapping and process design assessment.


4.45 PM

I check in with my team once more to debrief on the day and share progress on my tasks. I have a dance class after work and have a hard finish time, so I don’t run late. I always make sure I leave time before finishing work for the day to briefly connect with my team and wish them all a nice evening before doing any final prep for the following day.

5.30 PM

Dance time! Dancing is one of my favourite hobbies, and I love having something to look forward to after work! After my class, I’ll be meeting some friends for dinner in the city to recharge with some delicious food!

8.30 PM

I’m home. Time for a shower, another (yes…another) cup of tea, and an episode of my favourite show.

10.00 PM

Goodnight! Time to get some sleep

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