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William Gilmour

Hi, my name is Will Gilmour, I am a Senior Consultant in the Business Consulting team in Melbourne. I joined EY in 2019, with previous experience in Politics and Real Estate. Bit of a fun fact…I have represented both Victoria and Australia on the hockey field.

06:15  AM  

Wake Up
It is Thursday and I am in Canberra working with a cross-functional EY team for one of EY major clients. I put some gym clothes on and go for a light run to a nearby café for breakfast. At breakfast, I read my emails and check my calendar to ensure I know exactly what my day looks like. I also catch up on the overnight headlines and sports scores.

07:30 AM

Arrive at work
We tend to start earlier while we are out at the client office as we have a 3:10 flight to Melbourne later in the afternoon. EY teams are looking after the Change Management component of a large IT implementation, my specific role is in the Communications and Stakeholder Management area. 


08:30 AM   

Working on Program Master Pack
I have been tasked with producing the Master PowerPoint Pack for the program. I am presenting this pack to Engagement Partner in two hours, so I am putting the final touches on the document and going through what I am going to say. I am also checking the document with my Manager to ensure he is happy with it before my presentation.

10:30 AM   

Master Pack Internal Presentation
Time to present the Program Master Pack to the Engagement Partner. The meeting went well, the structure was well received, and minor changes were provided. I will make those changes before distributing the document to the Engagement Partner and Manager for a detailed review later today.


12:00 AM  

Quick Lunch
I quickly head out to get some fresh air and pick up some lunch. We try our best to take a break over lunch but sometimes it’s a bit difficult when we are travelling or very busy. So, today I am eating my lunch at my desk and checking emails that I received this morning. 

02:15 PM  

Depart for Airport
It has been a busy day and we are running a little late. Luckily, Canberra airport isn’t far from our office and my Engagement Manager and I get to the airport with time to spare before boarding our flight to Melbourne.

03:10 PM     

Fly to Melbourne
I try to use travel time to read or learn something, but it has been a big week, so I load up some old episodes of Suits and watch on my way to Melbourne.

04:30 PM    

Travel to Hockey Training
Hockey is a big part of my life. I head from the airport straight to training which starts at 5:30. 

05:15 PM   

Hockey Training with Hockey Club Melbourne
Hockey training is always fun, and this is no exception. We are preparing for a semi-final in Sydney against NSW this weekend so run through some defensive and goal shooting drills that we will look to implement in our match.


07:30 PM    

Home for Dinner
Training is over, and I am exhausted - it has been another big week. I get a lift home with one of my best friends and chat about work and our big game on the weekend. I cook dinner at home and get prepared for the week ahead.