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Febie Wong

Today I will be starting off with collating a paper client pack. This is done when a job is complete, reviewed and approved by the manager

7.30 AM

My alarm rings but I hit snooze. I prefer to start my day a little later than most, as I am not much of a morning person.

8.15 AM

As much as I want to keep snoozing, it’s time to get moving.  I quickly get up from my bed, put my phone on charge and head to the kitchen for breakfast.  One of the perks of living at home is that my dad still cooks me breakfast – lucky for me because it saves me time in the morning and I’m not a great cook!

8.30 AM

I get prepared and dressed and head off to catch the bus to the office.

day in the life Grant Thornton Febie Wong

9.20 AM

I get off the bus and take a short walk to the office (and coffee shop). I’m running a bit behind schedule today but coffee is a must.

 day in the life Grant Thornton Febie Wong drinking coffee

9.30 AM

Once I’m in the office, I choose a desk for the day.  We have hot desking in Adelaide, which is a good opportunity to get to know your team and other people in the firm. I personally try to choose a different spot every day. I get set up for the day such as getting my keyboard and trusty water bottle from my locker.

 day in the life Grant Thornton Febie Wong at work station

9.35 AM

I log in and check my emails first, acting on all matters from my emails before I get back to my work list. This may include collating client packs, calling ATO and reviewing points that have come back from the manager review.

Today I will be starting with collating a paper client pack. This is done when a job is complete, reviewed and approved by the manager. I print and bind the pack before I hand it back to the manager for review along with any paper documents the client has sent us.

day in the life Grant Thornton Febie Wong collating client pack

9.50 AM

I start to look at review points the manager has sent back for changes and updated as required. Some reviews may take longer depending on the job. For example, a job may contain a family group that has Trusts, Companies, and individuals. I send it back for review by commenting on Microsoft List, a software we use to keep track of jobs we are given.

10.30 AM

 have a quick catchup meeting with my workflow manager to discuss my workload for the week to see if I have enough to get on the week. At times I would use this opportunity to ask about inquiries I have for a client or any questions.  

11.00 AM

I continue where I have left off the other day with a job that involves logging into XERO and opening relevant documents. I compile a list of inquiries to ask my manager when I get stuck.

1.00 PM

Lunchtime! I head out for lunch with a co-worker. We did struggle to choose a place to eat but finally decided on a pub near the office which has a nice outdoor seating area. Today’s weather was perfect, sunny and not too hot.

day in the life Grant Thornton Febie Wong lunch with coworker

2.00 PM

Back to the office and had time to get re-started on some work.

3.00 PM

I have some questions about a client I am working on so I give my manager a call on Microsoft Teams as she is working from home.

Once I’m off the call, I then update the relevant work papers in accordance with my notes and start drafting an email to the client.

4.30 PM

I head to the kitchen for a quick break, fixing myself a snack and tea. Whilst I’m enjoying my tea, I have a quick chat with a few colleagues who were also taking a break.

day in the life Grant Thornton Febie Wong tea time

6.00 PM

After a busy day, I’m ready to tidy up and go home. I quickly fill out my timesheet before I forget and head off to catch the bus.

9.00 PM

I’m currently studying for my Chartered Tax Adviser qualification and tonight is one of my designated study nights. The exam for my current subject is right around the corner and I need to cramp in some extra study time whenever I can. There are a lot of readings and course materials which can be overwhelming, but I have found that re-reading and reviewing helped a lot with my understanding of the course and what I do at work.

day in the life Grant Thornton Febie Wong studying chartered tax

12.30 AM

It is getting late and whilst I should get to bed, I decide to stay up to watch a newly released episode on Netflix of my favourite show. I have been waiting the whole week, I can't wait any longer.

1.30 AM

Once I’ve finished watching the episode, I hop into bed and scroll on my phone for a while before I head to sleep.

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