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Culture at Grant Thornton

8.7 rating for Culture, based on 22 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
No hierarchy everyone socialises together and after-hours culture is ok - ruined by half days.
Graduate, Melbourne
Socialising is hard for me.
Graduate, Sydney
Although positions differ, the team feels very equal and approachable.
Graduate, Perth
Everyone is very friendly with each other and it does not feel like there is a hierarchy. We work with different people on different jobs which helps with socialising.
Graduate, Melbourne
People are willing to share knowledge and guide you.
Graduate, Brisbane
Office culture within team is very friendly, everyone is awesome. If you have any questions about anything, people are always happy to answer.
Graduate, Brisbane
I believe our company, in particular my consulting team, have a great culture. As a medium sized company, we are able to get to know everyone in the team on a good level and everybody is super friendly. There is no definitive line between associates and higher management and all team members are willing to help each other out and provide helpful guidance and advice. Our company also make the effort to incorporate a number of different social events into our calendars which increases socialising opportunities and makes us all closer as a team.
Graduate, Sydney
During busy season there is not much socialisation, however leading up to busy season we have a lunch and a few social activities. When in the office we don't have much socialisation. Managers sit on one side of the office and the seniors/ associates sit on the other side.
Graduate, Cairns
Personally, the company's culture is very positive. They frequently hold multiple events to commemorate every culture's unique events, e.g. Chinese new year. Peers in the company are very open to feedbacks and do not hesitate to provide useful advice to improve on work effectiveness. I am also a part of Social Club which happens monthly with various events. The most memorable one till date is the Wine Tasting Tour in Adelaide's famous Barossa Valley right before the busy season to boost the teams' morale. Everyone's encouraging and positive, helping each other with both personal and professional growth.
Graduate, Adelaide
Very good degree of respect across all levels. Very flexible and supportive.
Graduate, Melbourne
In Office - friendly, helpful, and understanding After Hours - very sociable - always got an event planned. Structure exists but not as you'd think. The office has a hot desk system so you could be sitting next to a Partner, Senior Manager etc. It doesn't feel like anyone is 'above' anyone else as the Consulting team is very team orientated. When you're on projects with a Senior Manager/Manager and a Senior Associate/Associate, you're given an opportunity to have responsibility, which fast tracks your development. Socially, everyone is friends with everyone. This makes teamwork and communication much easier.
Graduate, Sydney