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Working Hours at Grant Thornton

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Flexible work hours I usually come office 4-5 days
Graduate, Melbourne
7.5 hours and 30 mins for lunch
7.5 hours/day
Graduate, Sydney
Quite flexible
Graduate, Sydney
Company is very flexible when it comes to hours. Minimum is usually 34.5-38.5 hours a week, however if very busy then this can easily ramp up to 50-60 hours. These high work periods generally don't last for long though.
Graduate, Perth
Very flexible
Graduate, Melbourne
No extra hours required unless you want to; if you need to leave temporarily they allowed and just let you make up hours in the rest of the week
Graduate, Brisbane
Can change as needed. very flexible especially for parents
Graduate, Brisbane
Our team have an expectation to come into the office 2-3 days a week. I think this is a great balance as it allows us to be flexible in our work but still keeps people coming in and working collaboratively. I try to come into the office at least 3 days a week, and find that the more work I have, the more I will come into the office.
Graduate, Sydney
Work is flexible however during busy season I would say my work hours 7:45-6:30
Graduate, Cairns
Company work hours are very flexible as long as we hit the targeted hours. Business season for Audit might have a lot of overtime though.
Graduate, Adelaide
Very flexible in that in the rare case i have lots of work, i can take a break to get home, and recommence. Take time off during the day for appointments, etc.
Graduate, Melbourne
I usually get in around 8:30am and leave at 5:15. There have been some days where I've been in until 5:45-6pm, but this only happens when I have a few jobs going. GT are great with hours - management are happy for you to jump to an appointment, go to the gym etc, as long as you communicate this and complete the tasks you are given.
Graduate, Sydney