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What IMC Trading does: IMC Trading maximizes innovative technology and intelligent algorithms to facilitate the trading of all major asset classes in over 90 financial venues. 

Mission: IMC Trading through technology and proper technical application aim to be the premier trading firm worldwide. 

Size and Presence: IMC trading functions as a leading trading firm worldwide with a workforce of 1,100 employees in seven locations worldwide. 

Best known for: IMC Trading is popular for its specialized trading algorithm and application of technology to provide liquidity in the global financial market. 

The good bits: To maintain productivity across the board, IMC Trading hosts an exceptional work culture that incorporates team bonding and social activities. 

The not-so-good bits: IMC Trading encourages feedback hence, employees need to be fast-paced in incorporating such feedback. 

The IMC Trading story 

IMC Trading was founded with a desire to become pathfinders in innovative trading in 1989. The company was founded by two members of the Amsterdam Equity Options Exchange. 

At the time of its founding, IMC Trading worked in executing trades via manual calculations. Later on, the firm began investments in proprietary trading technology. Their early investment in trading technology has helped them define the effects of technology in trading. 

Over four decades since the introduction of its trading technology, the company has continued to improve its trading algorithm and execution strategy.

Culture and vibes 

Three words perfectly describe the work culture at IMC Trading. These words are expertise, creativity, and teamwork. Everyone at IMC Trading is given the freedom to innovate and collaborate to provide the best results. 

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is a common theme in the company as an element of an open culture that helps everyone thrive. Employees at IMC Trading are tasked with real responsibilities from the get-go and this helps the company sustain its fast-paced approach over decades of work. 

Recruitment process 

IMC Trading aims to keep the ball rolling at all times so they search for graduates and interns who are capable and willing to take on responsibilities from the start. The first aspect of the firm’s hiring process requires graduate and internship candidates to submit a detailed application. 

After applications are submitted, the recruitment team scrolls through all applications and matches applicants who are the best fit for the role. Graduates and interns who conclude this process are required to pass through a series of assessments. 

Graduate and internship applicants who impress in the assessments are invited for a series of interviews. These interviews allow applicants to express themselves and show how well they fit culturally into the firm. 

The final stage requires the hiring team to review the applications and select the best graduate and internship applicants who are offered roles in the company. The entire recruitment process reflects the values of the firm and gives applicants a first-hand feel of how the firm operates.

Career Prospects 

From a career in finance to one in technology and marketing, IMC trading is consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Graduates and interns at the firm benefit from the forward-thinking nature of the firm. Interns are exposed to mentorship sessions, tasked with challenging projects, and given ample opportunity to network with industry leaders. 

Graduate trainees also spend the first weeks in the company in the global office surrounded by new traders and engineers from all over giving them a global view. They also develop a detailed course containing a diverse combination of resources that set employees on a path to success. 

From the get-go, employees are challenged to grow and join the progressive bandwagon of everyone in the company. 


Employees at IMC Trading earn an annual salary of $120,000 while interns earn around $42,000 - $68,000 per year. 


  • Fully paid medical, dental, and vision insurance 
  • 20 days of annual leave 
  • Opportunities to go global 
  • Fitness reimbursement for a gym membership and personal training 
  • Sponsored meals 
  • Transport cover up to $130 
  • 401K contributions 
  • Sporting events and team bonding events 
  • Full support behind employee charities 

Social Contributions 

IMC Trading focuses on growing communities they operate in through education. They make charitable contributions through their foundation to enrich the knowledge bank of young people. 

Employees who wish to support communities are also fully supported by the company financially and technically. The charity arm of the organization has several committees in local offices to implement charitable strategies. Grants and large contributions are handled by the Global Charity Board. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company supported over 500 organizations and hovered over $10 million in relief support. 


In 2016, IMC Trading came under probe by the New York Stock Exchange after their decision caused huge losses for investors. 

This was after one of IMC’s traders opened shares of a firm about half what it was the previous day. This reduced the net worth of significant partners by billions briefly. 

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