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Bill Brukner

J.P. Morgan is a top-performing firm in markets services across the globe and I have been fortunate to join the fixed income sales team, which is one of the best.

What do you do at J.P. Morgan?

Most days I arrive around 6:30 am to get up to date with what has happened overnight and prepare for the day ahead. I send out a note with some views and recaps before I begin chatting with clients about the markets. A major aspect of my job is being on top of events, both domestically and abroad, so I am always reading research, news and looking at what is coming in terms of data, political events and market moving events. Of course the best part of the job is when we trade with clients and that involves pricing, working with traders and taking in information rapidly and correctly. I have really enjoyed working with an array of clients to formulate the best strategies.

Can you describe the culture of J.P. Morgan?

J.P. Morgan has a truly diverse and team-orientated workforce that makes you constantly improve. My colleagues and I are always challenging each other to develop our skills, yet we support each other to provide the best results for our clients. I truly believe that J.P. Morgan provides all the tools and exposure necessary for employees to excel and develop.

Why did you join J.P. Morgan?

J.P. Morgan is a top-performing firm in markets services across the globe and I have been fortunate to join the fixed income sales team, which is one of the best. By joining a winning team I have been able to develop relationships internally and with clients. Once I discovered the sales role, I knew it was a good fit for my skill set. J.P. Morgan values diversity and it is exhibited not just in words, but also through actions. I believe the eclectic mix of people at J.P. Morgan provides us all with the best possible environment to service our clients.

What career advice would you give to students who are starting to apply for opportunities after university?

I would advise students to take an active interest in the markets and formulate views of their own through reading and research. This involves reading the papers daily as well as exploring the web for ways to improve your knowledge of the economy and markets. I would also recommend building relationships with a diverse group of people including other students, mentors and industry professionals. All of these relationships assist in preparing students for the workforce, especially since you need to be well rounded to compete for positions.

What is one of the best aspects of being an employee at J.P. Morgan?

I love the fast paced nature of my workplace. Every day brings new challenges and gives me opportunities to learn and thrive as part of a diverse workforce. More specifically, I enjoy working in markets for a global investment bank where we keep our fingers on the pulse of not only the Australian economy, but also the global economy. We do our best to serve clients in markets that often move rapidly. Another aspect of working for J.P. Morgan is the Analyst Training Program that has given me invaluable exposure and experience. My training in New York with my global peers helped me feel confident in my abilities and skills, and provided friendships and connections with global partners.

Where do you see your career taking you?

J.P. Morgan has provided all the necessary tools for me to develop my understanding of banking and markets and most importantly how to act in a professional environment. The J.P. Morgan experience carries significant weight in the industry and that shows since we have minimal personal turnover. This continuity and commitment helps shape a promising future at J.P. Morgan where the opportunities are endless provided you work hard and are constantly learning. Working for J.P. Morgan brings global friendships and connections. Within Australia we are growing from an already powerful position through significant investment and I believe the future for the bank and our Australian franchise is bright.