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What It Does: KPMG provides a range of high-quality knowledge-based auditory, tax, and advisory services to help clients navigate risks while making impressive gains in a competitive space.

Mission: KPMG’s mission is to add profitable value to its associates through the efficient application of their mastery of information and business trends.

Size & Presence: Around 35,000 staff and partners in the United States in 50 locations.

Best Known For: KPMG sits at the pinnacle of professional services ranked among the four largest in the world thanks to a tangible vision of being extraordinary in all they do.

The Good Bits: Not just amongst the largest but the best, KPMG has a strong presence in 100+ countries and offers fantastic career prospects and collaborations with the most successful companies.

The Not So Good Bits: Projects are held to the highest standards which could be demanding and require long working hours.

The KPMG Story

The founders of KPMG Willian Barclay Peat, James Maverick, Piet Klynveld, and Reinhard Goerdeler always saw the bigger picture pioneering the industry of professional/accounting services at an early stage.

Through a framework built on a solid purpose to be a catalyst of change, KPMG actively contributes to the growth of emerging economies to provide a solid foundation that fosters long-term growth.

More than 35 years later, the KPMG storey lives on, binding everyone together for collective growth and helping them stand out amongst the competition with pride and a willingness to become better every day. KPMG employs around 35,000 employees in the United States and has a strong global presence in more than 100 countries.

By working in tandem with the KPMG storm, they received a perfect score on its Corporate Equality Index as the best place to work for equality.

Culture and Vibes

For more than 35 years, KPMG has built and upheld its unique culture centred around supporting people and their passion.

At KPMG, good culture equals good business which has led them to create an environment where everyone gets a say and enjoys a stream of support systems to help employees succeed.

The KPMG culture never changes but rather becomes a lifestyle that every employee is comfortable living thanks to its willingness to accept diversity, inspire change, and allow everyone to bring their unique perspective. The light of their unique culture streams through to the services they provide bringing their strategy forth at every stage.

A position at KPMG promises a lifestyle of success and consistency fostered by interaction with the most talented professionals to assist in taking giant steps towards wherever your success takes you.

The vibe at KPMG supports authenticity hinged on a supportive framework that offers graduates all the tools to hone their skills, expand their network, and grow their way.

Recruitment Process

Placed amongst the top four professional service firms in the world, KPMG has no problems attracting the best talents. Optimistic graduates and interns are often absorbed in the process way before it begins.
Recruitment for graduates and interns starts with registration on the KPMG recruitment system where opportunities for tax, audit, and advisory are displayed. Applicants can choose from either of these roles.

After the recruitment registration, applicants are passed through four selection processes. The first stage is the testing stage where special tests are provided in alignment with the roles being applied. If applicants reach the benchmark score, they are invited in for the next round.

The second stage in the recruitment process is the HR interview where graduates and interns are made to interact with representatives of the recruitment group. This stage is centred around understanding motivations towards the role and general professional evaluation.

Next to the HR interview are interview sessions with the management of the department. These interview sessions range from one to three and are required to narrow down the understanding of your skillset.

After completing the third stage of the selection process, selected applicants are offered employment within KPMG. Recruited graduates and interns enjoy access to a plethora of career development and productivity tools to set them on a path to exceptional success.

Every aspect of the recruitment process aligns with KPMG’s culture of giving everyone a chance to shine, placing them in the perfect position for a headstart in their professional career.

Career Prospects

KPMG claims to offer loads of career progression tools ranging from connection to industry-leading professionals to career-progressive programs that place employees on a golden pedestal.

Thanks to programs like Future Diversity Leaders, Managing Career-Life Choices, and Pride 15, employees explore abundant ways to foster their careers while connecting with professionals who want to see them grow.

Interns at KPMG also enjoy the full KPMG work experience as they get incorporated into client projects and enjoy enriching experiences that help them hone their potential maximally. 

KPMG claims to offer interns close connections with leading experts to give them first-hand industry experience. They also maintain a close connection with interns to offer them potential permanent employment. 

Wherever passion takes employees within KPMG or not, the industry-leading training KPMG provides means recruits would not only thrive but be exceptional everywhere they go.


Entry-level graduates and interns at KPMG can expect to earn approximately $70,000 and $57,075 respectively annually.  


  • Medical
  • Healthcare flexible account
  • Health savings account
  • Dependent day care flexible account
  • 2nd medical doctor second opinion service
  • Dental and vision
  • EyeMed benefits
  • Dental PPO by Aetna
  • Accidental death and dismemberment support
  • Short and long-term disability support
  • Business pleasure accident insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Personal accident and personal cancer insurance plans
  • Mortgage assistance programs
  • Student loan refinancing program

Social Contributions

KPMG relishes its badge of commitment to supporting and nurturing economic communities through exceptional educational support. KPMG is a key contributor to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals with their prime focus on education making valuable investments and volunteering in the best ways possible.

They are also champions of diversity accepting every facet of human diversity thanks to their understanding that the beauty of the human race is in diversity,


When it gets too big brands, slip-ups could be quite costly and KPMG were punished for being sloppy in 2021. They were sued for around $600 million for their role in the bankruptcy of Abraaj Group due to sloppy auditing.

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Excel in personalized tax strategies for high-net-worth individuals with KPMG's Tax Associate role in the Global Executive & Private Client Group.
Applications Close
31st July 2024 (Prosple Closing Date Estimate)
Start Date
2 Sep 2024 - 30 Sep 2024

Internship, Clerkship or Placement

New York
Gain hands-on experience in financial services with KPMG's Tax Seasonal Internship in Business Tax Services, specializing in Information Reporting and Withholding in New York.
Applications Close
31st December 2024 (Prosple Estimate Closing Date)
Start Date
1 May 2025 - 31 May 2025