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Sharon Indraputri

5.00 AM

I’m an early riser so my alarm goes off at 5am. After a few snoozes and a goodbye cuddle to my dog Obi, I’m out the door to catch my 6:00am train to the city.

7.00 AM

Since starting full time work, I find it much easier to get my dose of exercise done first thing in the mornings as finishing time can vary during the week. I have found some great pilates, barre and yoga studios close to the Barangaroo office. If I’m being good you can find me here Monday to Friday. 

8.30 AM

After a quick shower I head off to the office which is a short walk down the road. I set myself up at a desk close to the window so I can enjoy the view and feel the sunlight on my face. After a few team members have arrived we head off to the kitchen to make ourselves some hot beverages (depending on how I feel that day I’ll either have a long black, chai latter or a tea from the wide selection of T2 teas). I’ll return to my desk, check my calendar for the week and catch up on emails.

9.30 AM

I head over to the communal meeting tables for our bi-weekly audit team update. In attendance is the Senior Manager, Manager, Assistant Manager, Senior Accountant, an Accountant 2, myself, and a fellow vacationer. The Assistant Manager pulls up a team status tracker on Excel and one by one, we run through the status of each of our allocated tasks. We talk through our progress, and any roadblocks that come along, such as further client queries needed, or any delays to receive or work through data.

10.00 AM

We all head back to our desks to get stuck into work for the day. I check my list of to do’s for the day and settle on a task of running the Premiums listing through our sampling application. To run this, there are moving pieces that need to be checked and agreed. This includes obtaining a listing of all premiums transactions listing from the client’s accounting general ledger (GL system) and agreeing it back to our audited trial balance. Once this has been agreed, I separate the listing into positive data and negative data and run both listings through the tool. Once my sample has been selected I discuss the selection of samples with my Assistant Manager, who gives me the go ahead to contact the client. I email the client with the samples we have selected and advise them of what support we are required to see for each sample.

12.00 PM

Lunchtime! I message my friends on Skype and ask them if they want to head down with me to grab lunch. We head down to the Canteen and I grab my usual at Georgie Boys, a large chicken katsu salad with beetroot and dates. We head back into the office to sit in the kitchen for lunch.

1.00 PM

While I wait for the sample support from the client I select another task from my to do list, cash testing. We have received the bank reconciliations for each of the entities the client has, and the bank statements. My job is to test the cash accounts by checking that the client’s GL amounts per the bank reconciliations, agree to the bank statements, and to check if the client has any reconciling items that we need to test further.

3.00 PM

I head over to a meeting room as I have a catch up with my Performance Development Manager (PDM). In our catch ups we discuss how my current job is going, any issues or difficulties that I am facing, things I’d like to do the in the future and how the PDM can help me get there, and anything else that comes to mind. I ask my PDM about how secondment opportunities work at KPMG. It’s a bit early for me as a graduate to be asking, but one of the reasons why I joined KPMG was the opportunities to go on international secondments in a few years. He shares with me his experience as he has been on several, and what the process is. The goal is to finish my CA first.

4.00 PM

I get back to finishing the cash testing work which I’m hoping will be completed by home time. I’ve also started receiving the sample support from the client so I have a look at what they have sent. I need to ensure they are sending the correct type of support so I can start this task first thing tomorrow. After checking that the support is correct I let the client know so they can send through the rest of the sample support.

5.15 PM

I finish my testing my cash samples and ensure everything is uploaded into our auditing application platform and all my documentation is complete. I then let me Assistant Manager know that I have finished this task and it is ready to be reviewed. She thanks me for the work and let’s me know there is nothing more that needs to be completed for the day. I head back to my desk to pack up for the day.

6.30 PM

I get off the train and walk through my front door to a very excited Obi who is waiting to welcome me home. After a longer than I would like to admit cuddle I head off to get ready for my dance class.

10.00 PM

After a full day at work and 2 hours of exercise I’m feeling accomplished but exhausted. My head hits the pillow and I’m out for the night. If I’m lucky enough I’ll dream about sampling or cash testing!