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Working Hours at Optiver

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Pretty flexible but can be long as feels like you are measured on performance, which leads to spending more time/pressure trying to get stuff done
Graduate, Sydney - 23 Aug 2022
Work hours may be a bit longer than other firms, but are definitely shorter than many finance related roles. Generally, software teams are very flexible. E.g. parents work around their kids hours, people run chores in the day, etc. Focus is more on deliverables than time in the seat.
Midlevel, Sydney - 23 Aug 2022
Quite flexible, the most important thing is to be able to meet productivity expectations, when you do so matters less.
Graduate, Sydney - 23 Aug 2022
Expectations are high. The standard is to eat lunch at your desk, and stay at the office outside trading hours to continue with project work. No capacity to work from home (varies by role).
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
My work hours are not dependent on anyone else. I can choose to come in to work and leave at any time, there is no one watching how many hours you work. So the company is flexible when it comes to hours. You will still have to complete an acceptable amount of hours at work, though no one is forcing you to work overtime if you don't want to.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
Depends on role, but outside trading or live support, hours are usually extremely flexible (can start any time 7-11am etc). No one will notice if you work fewer than required hours. However, many people stay to do a few hours overtime regularly, so there is some pressure to stay and fit in.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
Not flexible and doing 10 hours a day
Graduate, Amsterdam - 01 Jan 1970
Very flexible
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
I work as flexibly as I want. Can come into the office whenever and leave when I'm finished my work.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
I typically work from 9-5:30/6 with an hour long lunch break. The company itself is very flexible when it comes to working hours as long as you aren't missing scheduled meetings.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
Very flexible, and there is no hard limit on when to come in or how many hours to work. However, you want to do your best so sometimes you'll do over time on your own accord.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970