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Job Satisfaction at Optus

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Liaising with stakeholders, attending meetings, reviewing copy, launching new initiatives collaboratively
My role consists of many tasks such as posting journal and recs. Creating financial packs and networking with analysts to get tasks done on time.
Graduate, Sydney
My role is very dynamic and involves an ebb and flow of projects. Some days may be very busy, other days may not be. Day-to-day responsibilities include having meetings with different people from the business to co-create and align strategies together for particular projects, building programs and processes and creating reports ('slide decks') for the team.
Graduate, Sydney
My role is in the ICT and allows me to work on tasks including but not limited to: - Keeping an eye on issues sent through to the ICT mailbox and making sure they are resolved - Helping with the financial side of the teams assets - The ability to go beyond the team and help out other co-workers and areas of the business - Building reports to highlight the amazing work being done by the team
Graduate, Sydney
My current role is within the DPM team. My responsibilities are to analyse data and create a visualisation dashboard of the data based on specific requirements of the stakeholders.
Graduate, Sydney
I start the day with a team meeting to see what work I can work on, go to meetings, and regular working.
Graduate, Sydney
Analysing and creating reporting packs to showcase performance of particular products, contributing to the management of various products, ideating and creating products.
Graduate, Sydney

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