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Sophie Dunn

6.00 AM

I wake up and take my dog, Daisy for a walk to one of the nearby dog parks. I get ready for the day, leave the house at 8.00 am and catch the train to Wynyard station.

8.30 AM

I catch the lift to level 11, get settled in and make myself a coffee in the kitchen. I check my emails and calendar and make a to-do list for the day.

A young professional holding a cup of coffee

9.00 AM

I run operations reports for our advice pod to ensure all outstanding client tasks are on track for completion. I liaise with the admin and operation teams to make sure everything is running smoothly and if they need any additional information from the advisers or clients.

10.00 AM

We have our weekly Adviser Pod operations meeting where I run through where outstanding tasks are up to and any upcoming tasks for the week. We go through our client pipeline to make sure it is up to date and we ensure compliance controls are all on track.

A young professional writing on a white board

11.00 AM

I speak to an adviser about a new client and the strategy we are recommending for them. I help to collate the client information and write up the strategy to send to the central paraplanning team so they can prepare the advice documents we will be presenting to the client.

Two young professionals talking inside the office

12.15 PM

I catch up with one of the other grads in my lunch break in the Angel Place lobby.

Two young professionals at the pantry

1.30 PM

I have a meeting about one of the projects being implemented in the Private Clients team. I assist with providing information about how current operations are running and give feedback and ideas of how we think they could be improved.

Three professionals on a meeting

3.00 PM

An adviser would like to recommend some trades for a client so I help put together the advice recommendation and after the client agrees, I put through a request for the trades to be executed.   

4.00 PM

I attend a client meeting where we are presenting advice to a client that has just retired. We chat to the client about her retirement plans and the adviser goes through our recommendations. I assist with going through the implementation process and paperwork needed.

A young professional walking at the lobby

5:30 PM 

I respond to any outstanding emails, pack up for the day and head to the train station.

6.00 PM

I arrive home and take Daisy for an afternoon walk around the neighbourhood. I make dinner and watch some TV before heading to bed.