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Career Prospects at PwC Australia

7.3 rating for Career Prospects, based on 36 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
While career progression is good, promotion times for associates is time-based and therefore ALL associates will get promoted at the same time. It's resulted in a lot of the top associates feeling de-moralised, as they have been working hard, while associates who "coast" will still be rewarded at the same time.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Working at a big four accounting firm will give me plenty of opportunities in industry if I choose to go down that path. The promotion process is also very transparent so I know exactly when I will be promoted to Senior Associate, Manager etc. which I think is great. So knowing this progression, I feel motivated.
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
The company supports you and aids you in how to go about progressing to the next grade. Very supportive of your growth and development within not only the team but within the whole company if you wish to move teams.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Hierarchy progression, can move to other teams
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Unfortunately, won't be able to experience those given that I have been moved to Scyne Advisory.
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Clear progression available up the ranks, pay and promotion is very transparent. Personally think it may be a little slow for my liking but theres also plenty of opportunities available that aren't just promotion ie secondment.
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
There is an opportunity to progress fairly quickly. Each team has specific criteria that an individual needs to meet in order to move up the ranks. Generally speaking, you can get promoted to each level every 2-3 years up until a senior manager/director level where it can get a bit tougher as you get closer to partner level.
Graduate, Sydney - 08 Nov 2023
It is expected that we move up the ranks but I do feel like it will take longer for me because Im not prepared to stay back until 10pm and work weekends and consider it 'normal'. Ill stay back if something is urgent but not just because it looks good
Graduate, Perth - 08 Nov 2023
Seems that there are opportunities to move up the ranks quickly.
Graduate, Sydney - 10 Nov 2023
I hope they're good...
Graduate, Adelaide - 10 Nov 2023