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Culture at PwC Australia

8.0 rating for Culture, based on 36 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Again, I think it has been a trying year for the company and that has been reflected in company culture and behaviour.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
At times people may not know how to deal with stress or manage their capacity, which may lead to outbursts or unhealthy ways of interacting with team members. The office presence is also poor and deters me from wanting to come into the office.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
The best of any company I've worked at - office hours are extremely flexible and I barely ever work a late night. The team is extremely close, however I'll note that is because of our own initiative. The hierarchy is extremely flat, with partners staying approachable to younger levels :)
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Very flat structure in my team where I feel comfortable asking questions to anyone. Everyone feels included
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
In office hours the culture is pretty good, however lack of events, socialising after work
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
Each of the consulting teams has its own differing culture and ways of working. I like my teams, they are all genuinely friendly and supportive with any questions or concerns you may have. I have met some great grads and we have formed connections that expand outside of the office.
Graduate, Canberra - 07 Nov 2023
I find that PwC has a great culture. It is not hierarchal and I feel as though I can reach out for help to anyone at PwC if I were to need it. It is also good to have a larger grad group to go through CA with. I enjoy a more busy environment with lots of people and PwC definitely provides that for me. In fact, I often do not like working from home as I would rather go to work and be around others for motivation.
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
My team is very supportive and understanding and always tries to accommodate (where needed and possible) everyone in the team (regardless of grade). Essentially, treats everyone equally and with respect at all levels (in my experience).
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Everyone is very friendly
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
Organisational structure is quite flattened, however, team vibes are quite different. Some teams are super supportive and caring, while others are not as supportive.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
We have a flat structure; partners are happy to assist so it provides a steeper learning curve. There are hardly any politic in my team, people are friendly and happy to help.
Graduate, Brisbane - 07 Nov 2023
standard corporate structure - in my team culture is positive, not always the case in other teams
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Company culture is good both inside and outside but limited to some groups of people. Especially people from the same diverse background. But in general, it's good.
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Gets the balance between the hierarchy of respect but not so much that younger members don't feel comfortable approaching senior team members. Strong focus on socialising inside and outside of office hours. Has dropped off slightly in the past few months with the restructure but hoping things will start to pick back up.
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Culture in the office and after hours is great in the team. Everyone is super cooperative and there is a heavy emphasis on teamwork. The great social aspect in the team amongst colleagues
Graduate, Sydney - 08 Nov 2023
lots of after-work activities dinner and drinks or the local pub. Plenty of offers for lunches. You are the odd one out if you don't go all the time
Graduate, Perth - 08 Nov 2023
A very welcoming network of individuals, both at a peer level (associate) and more senior level. Really felt settled in from day 1.
Graduate, Sydney - 10 Nov 2023