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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Execution of EGAs and communicate the tasks with the team
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Sending and receiving confirmations Working on audit work papers
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
I would like more exposure in my day-to-day roles however I am lucky to have been pushed to challenge myself throughout the year
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Meetings, client interviews, powerpoints, excel - these tasks I'm quite satisfied with, it's rather that I am performing them currently in an area unrelated to my actual team.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
I have been given a high level of responsibility which helps engagement
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Sometimes boring or tedious however mostly interesting
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
What I haven't enjoyed with consulting is that you can't predict your day - it's hard to get into a routine and plan your day because things pop up at any time - it's often the case where multiple people want you to help with something all at once.
Graduate, Canberra - 07 Nov 2023
I enjoy my work and think it suits me perfectly. I don't have to do too many mundane tasks and get to be challenged most days.
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
Assisting my team in various engagements; keeping record keeping up to date; drafting emails and preparing data for the various managers etc
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Could use more support on day to day tasks.
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
Graduate, Brisbane - 07 Nov 2023
Research on certain technical terms in accounting Perform the work on the engagements
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Assisting with deals, working on excel and final reports
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Being in an internal audit, my role was to test the design and operating efficiency of the client's control. The aim is to provide assurance on controls and systems in place for clients. To add, it sometimes requires us to provide an audit opinion. The role also expects us to assess and analyse risk in the day-to-day systems of clients, identifying gaps and deficiencies, and hence providing recommendations based on those.
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Graduate in the internal audit team, the role is in general to do the grunt work on meetings, walkthroughs and building out analysis on the client.
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Undertake market research, prepare DCF model, write up reports, analyse company forecasts for valuation purposes
Graduate, Sydney - 08 Nov 2023
Risk and Quality
Graduate, Other (Please specify) - Philippines - 08 Nov 2023
Tax returns, private companies, individuals, trusts, financial reports
Graduate, Perth - 08 Nov 2023
Getting broad exposure to a wide variety of FSLIs and reporting methods.
Graduate, Sydney - 10 Nov 2023
Ticking boxes; updating dates (e.g. from '2022' to '2023'); perusing client-supporting accounting documentation and determining what it actually is that I'm looking at and what it all means; querying the client of certain matters; querying/speaking with the client on behalf of more senior staff who can't be bothered doing it themselves; plugging numbers into an excel spreadsheet and hoping that it all balances; following up with the client in the event that something doesn't balance.
Graduate, Adelaide - 10 Nov 2023