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Office & Workplace at PwC Australia

8.3 rating for Workplace, based on 36 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Sometimes the monitor screens don't work, some are way too small, not enough meeting/pop-in rooms.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Office space is awesome - double monitors, great location in Barangaroo, cafe etc. View is AMAZING, and we can dress for our day. Wish there was better free snacks though.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Location great. More standing desks & meeting room tech would boost morale & health
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Recently moved to level 13 which is still getting renovated. Office as a whole is quite old (no standing desks, bad monitors etc)
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
The office space is fairly nice and spacious, we get free coffee from a barista till 12pm so that's a nice motivator and highly appreciated amongst all the staff. The location is a bit far from where my house is on the other side of Canberra, so its takes me and hour there and back using public transport. PwC has a dress for your day policy. Most of the time people are wearing formal clothes, with the occasional few people wearing something more casual.
Graduate, Canberra - 07 Nov 2023
I like PwC offices. We now have a barista service which is my favourite part about going into work. There are some renovations on at the moment but that's not too much of a bother. I much prefer going into the PwC office rather than clients offices. In terms of dress code, it is super casual. When I'm at the PwC office we can wear what we like (for example, today I am wearing a skirt and sandals) however I like to dress up a bit when we go to clients (heels etc.). Again, not really too many expectations regarding dress code.
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
The office space is wonderful from the view to the location to the clean facilities. The dress code is flexible and great.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
Could make sure all of the chairs are comfortable and screens are sufficient. More standing desks would also be great.
Graduate, Perth - 07 Nov 2023
Great view, but there could be more sit-to-stand tables around.
Graduate, Sydney - 07 Nov 2023
I think is decent. They have a flexible dress code which is a positive point too.
Graduate, Brisbane - 07 Nov 2023
Good facilities, perks have been cut back in the last few months
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Good and modern infrastructure and technology around the office. Very generous in aspects such as office canteen.
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Great location and facilities, the floors need some work in terms of desk space, dual monitors and wifi but the office as a whole is great. Dress code is also flexible and you can dress based on what your day requires.
Graduate, Melbourne - 08 Nov 2023
Office space is pretty good and centrally located in Barangaroo. The facilities are also quite good. Dress code is dress for your day which is great so you can wear jeans on a monday if you have no client meetings planned
Graduate, Sydney - 08 Nov 2023
Dress code on a normal day is what ever you are comfortable in, it is expected if you are meeting with clients to be professionally dressed. Office is in the city reasonable facilities, kitchen ect
Graduate, Perth - 08 Nov 2023
Very good office, comfortable and ergonomic chairs, barista coffee, open plan office, great views, many desks, could however use some more meeting rooms.
Graduate, Adelaide - 10 Nov 2023