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Preparing to apply

Ready to apply to PwC? Yay! Here's some tips on submitting your application.

Meet our grad, Rosita

Meet our Consulting grad, Rosita.

Online assessments

Here are some tips on how to best complete your online assessments.

Meet our grad, Charlotte

Meet our Consulting grad, Charlotte.

Digital interview

Here are some tips on completing your digital interview.

Meet our vacationer (and now grad), Oli

Meet our vacationer and now grad in PwC Private, Oli

Assessment centres and interviews

Here are some tips on completing your final assessments.

Meet our trainee, Henry

Meet our Assurance trainee, Henry.

Meet our grad, Sophie

Meet our Assurance grad, Sophie.

Meet our grad, Max

Meet our Energy Transition grad, Max.

Meet our grad, Arya

Meet our Assurance grad, Arya.

Meet our grad, Charlie

Meet our Consulting grad, Charlie.